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Homelander vs Omni-Man: who would win? Invincible Creator responds!

Imagem de: Homelander x Omni-Man: quem venceria? Criador de Invencível responde!

Ryan Ottley, creator of the animated series Invincible (invinciblein English) gave his guess on who would come out on top in a duel of giants, between Omni-Man, from the cartoon, and Homelander, from the boys.

Both Homelander and Omni-Man have been described as the strongest individuals in their respective universes, in Amazon Prime Video productions.

On Twitter, Ottley posted three illustrations of this clash of the titans. In them, we see the Homelander with his body in half, being held by Omni-Man. Despite the bloody image, the leader of the supposed heroes of the boys doesn’t look dead, as he’s shooting laser beams out of his eyes, aiming for the Viltrumite member’s head.

Despite both series being on the same streaming platform, the characters never met, which makes it difficult to conclude who would come out on top in this duel.

Still, it gave fans space to let their imaginations run wild and even new characters were mentioned, such as Superman, who served as inspiration for both characters, and Metro Man (megamind).

the boys is a series of superheroes that are adored by the population, but with a troubled and sinister side, led by Homelander. In InvincibleOmni-Man is the super-powered and mysterious father of the protagonist who gives the animation its name.

Both series are available on Amazon Prime Video.

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