Hollywood loves Taylor Swift: the best videos and photos of movie stars on the Eras Tour

In these times of discord, it’s always nice to see a unifying force make people forget their differences. Without going any further, although the world is divided by issues such as climate change, LGTBI rights or the war in Ukraine, there seems to be unanimity in the fact that everyone loves Taylor Swift. And movie stars are no exception.

Thus, the eras tour It has not only served to congregate swifties from around the world eager to adore the Pennsylvania singer. It has also been a meeting point for Hollywood faces such as Channing Tatum, Charlize Theron, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and many others.

Below we offer you the best clips of actors and actresses attending the ‘Tay’ concerts. Some of these figures settled for enjoying the concert from the VIP area, but others They gave it their all dancing in the audience… With mixed results.

channing tatum

Thanks to his filmography, we all know that Tatum (here, with his daughter everly) She’s an ace at dancing, but we never thought the rhinestone heart on her eye would look so good.

Charlize Theron

Swift’s concert in Los Angeles coincided with the South African’s birthday, so she took the opportunity to go with her children. “Thank you for the best birthday of my life Taylor!!! We had a blast,” wrote on Instagram.

Emma Stone

Do you know of those moments when you come upstairs with your friends without fear of what they will say? Well, to the actress La La Land That same thing happened to him when it started ringing love story.

Chloë Grace Moretz

Another movie star who succumbs to the power of love story.

Emma Watson

the interpreter of Hermione Granger in the saga Harry Potter attended the concert accompanied by This Haim, sister of alana haim (Licorice Pizza) and also a musician.

Laura Dern

The bad: the actress blue velvet and Jurassic Park She has not left a video with her dancing for posterity. The good thing: he did take a photo accompanying Taylor. Was David Lynch at the concert, or was a “you go and tell me”?

Selena Gomez

the protagonist of Only murders in the building and Taylor Swift have been friends for a long time. Thanks to this video, fans were able to celebrate that ‘taylena’ still alive and well.

ethan hawke

Attention: interesting old man and music lover among the public. And chatting with Selena Gomez, too.

Reese witherspoon

The actress and producer herself documented Swift’s concert in Nashville (Tennessee). “A night to remember!” he wrote.

Jennifer Lawrence

It was enough for the word of his presence to spread in the VIP tent of the Philadelphia concert for the fans to surround ‘J-Law’. At least the actress was nice enough like her to give them the obligatory smiles.

Nicole Kidman

Also in Philadelphia, the Australian attended the show accompanied by her husband Keith Urban.

paul rudd

Why is the actor wearing ant man a “13” painted on the hand? Well, because that’s Taylor Swift’s lucky number: now you know.

Bradley Cooper

Looking for ideas for a sequel to A star has been born? The actor and director was caught at one of Swift’s concerts in New Jersey.

david harbor

the sheriff of stranger things not only was he at the Minneapolis concert, but he was also nice enough to take this photo with a fan. The text of the tweet says it all.

Millie Bobby Brown

Speaking of Stranger Things, the interpreter of Eleven gave the paranormal moment of the night to a fan: check out the girl’s reaction to realizing who’s holding her hand while it’s playing All Too Well.

Tiffany Haddish, Cameron Diaz and Zoe Saldana

The three actresses were photographed in the company of the influencer Elsa Marie Collins. Judging by their faces, they weren’t having a bad time.

Kevin Costner

In the meantime, someone had to strike the discordant note representing all those boomers forced to swallow the concert by family necessity. Costner, who went to see Taylor Swift accompanying her daughter Grace Avery, seemed to be remembering the box office results of messenger of the future, judging by his expression.

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