Home Entertainment His Dark Materials: HBO series will have a 4th season?

His Dark Materials: HBO series will have a 4th season?

His Dark Materials: HBO series will have a 4th season?

After 8 episodes of a lot of action and emotion, the 3rd season of His Dark Materials: Frontiers of the Universe has come to an end on HBO channels and streaming HBO Max. The series, based on the books by the British writer Philip Pullman, aired the last two episodes of its third year on December 26th and is already missing fans of the epic saga.

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With an ending full of strong feelings, the 3rd season of the series followed Lyra and Will having to make important decisions, which not only influenced their lives, but also all the worlds seen in the production. With a well-structured conclusion, a question remained in the minds of fans: Will His Dark Materials: Frontiers of the Universe have a 4th season?

Is a season 4 of His Dark Materials possible? The story would have to adapt new works by Pullman.Source: HBO

For now, a 4th season of the HBO series has not yet been confirmed, however, it would not be crazy to say that there are possibilities for the story to continue at some point. This is because the plot created by Pullman consists of a vast and rich universe, with many characters and narratives that can still be explored.

So far, the series has adapted the three main books of His Dark Materials, which are: A Bússola de Ouro, A Faca Subtil and A Luneta no Âmbar, all released in Brazil by Suma.

In the trilogy, the story of maturity and independence of Lyra Belacqua (Dafne Keen) and Will Parry (Amir Wilson) is told. Each of the seasons of Frontiers of the Universe, therefore, adapts one of the books of the saga. That is, in theory, the third year ended production for good, as it portrays the last literary work of the franchise (A Luneta no Ámbar,).

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However, it is difficult to decree the end of the plot on the small screen, since the universe created by Pullman can still yield great stories, which could arise through spin-offs or specials. However, HBO has not confirmed anything and, for now, the 3rd season of His Dark Materials marks, in fact, the end of production.

New books in the franchise have been written, however. Pullman created two more works in which we can see what happened to Lyra after the end of His Dark Materials. In Lyra’s Oxford, we see the young woman two years after the end of the main trilogy, and in The Secret Commonwealth, Lyra appears ten years in the future. Who knows, one of the books could be adapted for audiovisual in the future, right?

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