Home Android Higher price and clock in today’s S23 gossip basket

Higher price and clock in today’s S23 gossip basket

Higher price and clock in today's S23 gossip basket

It cannot be said to be new information, but it is reassuring for many: 99% that the three Galaxy S23 will come with a Snapdragon chip instead of Exynos in Europe, with so many twists that it is not the usual 8 Gen 2 hiding in the house, but its special edition. This chipset is said to (big air) Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy will be called by name, and the leaked images also confirm the ARM Cortex-X3 processor core, increased from 3.2 to 3.36 GHz. This may include the usual three 2.8 GHz and four 2 GHz sets, and Qualcomm may also increase the clock speed of the Adreno 740 GPU.

Source: SnoopyTech [+]

Of course, it will be more important that the S23s do not heat up and stutter as much as their predecessors during long-term gaming, but the closer relationship with Qualcomm and the improvement of One UI can guarantee this, so the signs are good. Questions remain as to whether TSMC will manufacture the special edition Snapdragon, or whether Samsung, the RGcloudS At the same time, the Twitter channel retracted its previous statement that the latter, so the order can remain on TSMC’s 4 nm LPP node.


The good news lasted until now. The bad thing is that in Australia, each member of the S23 family is expected to be a hundred dollars more expensive, which can be translated into a HUF 25,000 surcharge, and although there have been reports that the prices in the USA will not change, taking into account domestic inflation and The price change of Apple’s phones can hardly be avoided without a bigger price tag.

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