How to turn off WhatsApp Last Seen?

turn off WhatsApp Last Seen

WhatsApp once again comes up with a new function. This will make it easier for you to make yourself invisible to certain people and to “ghost” them, so to speak.

  • WhatsApp will allow you to hide the “last seen” notices and your last connections
  • This function is in the closed beta phase and is reserved for a handful of testers.
  • No date has yet been set for the market launch.

What are we talking about here? Last online “mentions on WhatsApp are a real annoyance for agoraphobics and other people with social anxiety. These hints show everyone whether you are online or when you last logged in to Messenger.


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At the moment you can set the privacy settings in WhatsApp so that either everyone can see these notices, only your contacts – or nobody. But often it is only a certain person that you urgently want to “ghost”. You just want to prevent this creep from bombarding you with messages as soon as he or she sees that you are online.

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WhatsApp will do it like Telegram in the future! / © WABetainfo

With Telegram, you have long since been able to hide your online status and your last connection from certain users from your contacts. And how WABetaInfo reported on November 11th, WhatsApp is now working on the same feature in its latest beta version. You can then hide your “last online” or “online” status for one or more specific people without randomly applying this setting to your entire contacts.


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But this blacklist is obviously a double-edged sword: like the “read” information on the news, you cannot see the “last seen” status if you hide it from a certain person. Privacy is not a one-way street.

What do you think of this function? How are you doing that so far? Are you hiding from certain or all people in your messengers?