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Herly RG reacted to the alleged discrimination case of a luxury restaurant in Polanco

Herly RG reacted to the alleged discrimination case of a luxury restaurant in Polanco
Herly, famous influencer, finds out that a restaurant sent her to ‘hide’ Photo: TikTok @herlyrg/Instagram @herlanlly_rg

After that upscale restaurant chain Sonora Grill Group was in the media eye due to the accusations that emerged on social networks where they pointed out alleged acts of discrimination and racism among its guests In a branch of Mexico City, various users and celebrities spoke about the case

In this context, thousands of Internet users positioned themselves against the restaurant Sonora Grill of the Masaryk branch in the colony Polanco. This trend unleashed a series of ridicule, accusations and more complaints against the bad practices of the luxurious restaurant.

Quickly the multiple complaints of discrimination they reached the Council to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination in Mexico City (COPRED), which through a proclamation confirmed that it would initiate an investigation process of the premises belonging to the group Sonora Grill.


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In the statement, said agency detailed that the matter will be addressed in terms of the Law to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination of Mexico City with the aim of implementing measures of non-repetition; also, this could translate into actions such as a public apology, awareness courses for all its staffas well as the review of all its regulations so that it adapts to the legal principles and standards of human rights of the Mexican capital.

Although the statement was celebrated by a majority, this did not prevent thousands of Internet users continue to address the issue on Twittertherefore, users and even celebrities positioned themselves strongly, as was the case with the tiktokerHerly RG who threw himself against Masaryk’s Sonora Grill with an acid and funny criticism.

When you arrive at a restaurant in Polanco and they sit you in the ‘Mousset’ area because you’re not Güera”, can be read inside the video.

The audiovisual material was quickly placed in the trend of social networks, however, after a few days of its parody, the young woman who has been the face of the renowned sports brand Nikeshared that she was contacted by a girl who was hostess of a place in the area and, who was asked to move the tiktoker because of her hair color.

“Yesterday I made a joke video of the “Polanco restaurant” and a girl who was a Hostess in a pipirisnais restaurant hahahaha told me that she had been ordered to hide in one because of my extravagant hair color and I stayed like that ALV”, shared on his Twitter.

Before the revelation, the alleged hostess He came out to talk about the subject and the discrimination that exists between the premises of the exclusive zone of Mexico City. Likewise, In his talk with Herly, he assured that it gave him courage when they asked him to hide it.

(Photo: IG @herlanlly_rg)
(Photo: IG @herlanlly_rg)

“Baby, I worked as a hostess in Mochomos and I received you on your birthday, they were telling me to hide you, I got very angry and it worked for me. Many times it was because of the hair color, when very ‘uncovered’ girls go they also ask us to hide them “, detailed the alleged hostess.

These acts of discrimination against the Mexican tiktoker They stunned their little more than 160,000 followers, who shielded their support and sisterhood in the comment box.

“Let it roe from places and more for the people who have to do their “job” like that girl who told you better to promote the inn on the corner that sells delicious food and needs more customers.” “These are acts that cannot just mentioning themselves and risking integrity and supporting racism and classism”, are some reactions recovered via Twitter.

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