Here is the list of smartphones that OnePlus should release this year

2022 is a decisive year for OnePlus. Indeed, the brand has decided to integrate Oppo. If this decision means that today, OnePlus is less independent, the brand benefits from Oppo’s R&D (but Oppo also benefits from certain OnePlus innovations, such as the partnership with Hasselblad ).

And by the way, the release cycle of new OnePlus devices has also changed. As a reminder, the brand has already formalized the OnePlus 10 Pro. And according to a leak that is relayed in an Android Authortity article, before the end of the year, OnePlus should release two more models for the OnePlus 10 series.

According to this source, who published his information on Twitter, there would be no “OnePlus 10”. On the other hand, the Chinese brand would release the OnePlus 10R in May, then the OnePlus 10 Ultra (or OnePlus 10 Pro Plus), in the third quarter.

These names suggest that the OnePlus 10R should be a more affordable version of the OnePlus 10 Pro. The OnePlus 10 Ultra, meanwhile, should have an even more interesting technical sheet than that of the OnePlus 10 Pro (but a price that will be higher).

Of course, OnePlus also plans to release new mid-range devices. According to the tweet, the OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite will be released in April. And the OnePlus Nord 2T would be released either in late April or early May. And the OnePlus Nord 3 (or Nord Pro) would be scheduled for the month of July.

Of course, for the moment, this information is unofficial. And therefore, caution is in order. But what is certain is that there will be some changes this year.

Finally, OnePlus keeps its OS

As a reminder, as part of the merger between OnePlus and Oppo, the two brands also had to merge their operating systems, OxygenOS and ColorOS. But since OnePlus’ reputation is partly based on the quality of its operating system, this announcement did not please everyone. Also, a few weeks ago, the brand decided to backtrack.

“In September, we announced that the codebase for OxygenOS and ColorOS would merge with the goal of creating a unified and upgraded operating system for both brands globally”said Pete Lau, founder of OnePlus, in a post. “While OxygenOS and ColorOS will continue to be developed on the same code base – to enable faster updates and better build quality – OxygenOS and ColorOS will remain independent brand properties. This new course was taken in accordance with feedback from our community – we understand that OxygenOS and ColorOS users want each operating system to remain separate from each other with its own distinct properties. »

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