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Here are the best horror movies of the year. Returns, news, lots of fun and a bit of Nicolas Cage.

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What are the best horror movies of 2021? In the past 12 months, there were many mishaps, misfires and disappointments. Fortunately, there were also quite a few good, good, and even outstanding horror movies. We had fun on “Incarnation”, we were afraid on the analysis of the African American situation in “Candyman”, or we cheered on Nicolas Cage in the fight against animatronics.

We could watch the best horror movies of 2021 in cinemas or VOD services. The big screen also features genre legends (“Halloween kills”, “Candyman”), and Netflix plays with the scheme of youth horror films (“Street of Fear”, “Someone is in your House”). None of these titles, however, stole the heart of the author of this text, as a certain B-test signed by the name of James Wan.

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The best horror movies of 2021

Someone is at your house

More than once this year, Netflix has severely disappointed fans of horror movies (even “Classic Horror”). However, it also showed how horror fun should look like today. “Someone is in your House” is not scary, but it is a lot of fun by translating the slasher convention into the language characteristic of the platform. The heart of the film is a story about the condition of contemporary youth fixated on political correctness. Best of all, the creators of the narrative do not shy away from absurd plot ideas and bloody murders.

On the ground

It is thanks to “List of paid orders” and “A Field in England” that Ben Wheatley contributed to the renaissance of folkhorror. Although “On Earth” is not as good as the movies mentioned, it still deserves our attention. The director infuses his story with hallucinogenic energy with strobe light, playing with sound and other simple tricks. He plays with our perception while relating to the reality that surrounds us. After all, the heroes are looking for a cure for a certain virus here for a reason.

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Halloween kills

Halloween Kills – Horror Movies 2021 – TrailerMichael Myers returned this year to do what he always did best. As the title suggests, the corpse is densely packed, and the creators try to outdo each other in ideas for more and more funny murders. There are also some references to John Carpenter’s original. David Gordon Green proves for the second time that his approach and cancellation (although it turns out to be incomplete) of the sequel mythology was a bull’s eye. However, this is not a mindless bogey and fanservice for fans of the original, and it has something else to tell us.

Bad town

Nicolas Cage is the guy. He doesn’t say a word in this movie. He just looks cool, sips energy, cleans a closed restaurant on the backside and tears off animatronics’ limbs. Much has not been done here and the creators can be accused of a shallow script or a lack of a proper outline of the plot. So what if Cage is going crazy and colored blood is pouring left and right? A must-see screening not only for the actor’s fans, but also for fans of the “Five Nights at Freddy’s” series, who will feel the homelike atmosphere here.

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Last night in Soho

This is probably the most stylish movie of the year. Edgar Wright weaves intrigue straight from the best under the neon aesthetic of 1960s London gialli. Thanks to this, the presented world hypnotizes with its colors, while terrifying with its darkness. Although not everything in “Last Night in Soho” sounded as expected, it is impossible to take your eyes off the screen. This is due to the charm of Anya Taylor-Joy. Her game is as mesmerizing as the beautiful pictures and music. Thanks to this, you will not even pay attention to any shortcomings.


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The Street of Fear trilogy

And how not to have fun when the creators take us back to colorful najntis, infusing them with contemporary sensitivity? We hear the sounds of the greatest hits of the last decade of the twentieth century from the loudspeakers, and teenagers fight the supernatural threat, making fun of the conventions of youth horror movies with love. At least that’s the way it is in the first part. When we deal with the ejtis style in the second, the energy from the series escapes a bit so that we can feel it again in the third. The whole trilogy is full of both humor and bloody murders. Thanks to this, there is too much fun during the screening.

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The Road of No Return: Genesis

Road of No Return: Genesis – horrors 2021 – trailerWe’ve had a few returns this year. Some are successful (“Halloween kills”), others not necessarily (“Presence 3: At the Devil’s Command”). “The Road of No Return: Genesis” definitely belongs to the former group. Wrongly, many horror movie lovers have already put a cross on the series. Mike P. Nelson proves that there is still much to discover in her mythology. You just need to know how to do it, and not serve the viewers another thoughtless (neo) slasher. Here we get a full-blooded horror movie with folk elements.


British terror is a woman. First, Rose Glass electrified the audience of “Saint Maud”, and this year Prano Bailey-Bond decided to take us to the times of video nasty, when horror movies on VHS were the greatest threat to the psyche of young people. As part of her work, the protagonist watches them in bunches every day, deciding which can be legally distributed, which to cut something out of, and which to be absolutely forbidden. On one of the tapes, he notices an actress who looks like her long-lost sister. Since then, the director has served both her protagonist and the viewers a solid, for lack of a better term, Mindfuck. The atmosphere of this film will haunt you long after the screening.

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There was no better return of the horror legend this year. The new “Candyman” is a real bomb. Nia DaCosta offers us a direct sequel to Bernard Rose’s original film, taking his interpretation of Clive Barker’s short story even further. It is a story about the situation of African Americans in the modern United States. Lots of references to real-world events, but the clou of all the fun is the unique atmosphere of horror that can be cut with a knife. The creators have something to tell us and they do it by causing shivers down our spine.


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The Incarnation – horrors 2021 – trailerAt a time when the creators were trying to sell us old horror films in a new setting, and Netflix was playing with the convention of youth scarecrows, James Wan decided to serve us the best b-test. Except that he made it with his characteristic flair. He draws handfuls from the production signed with the names of Italian masters of genre cinema, also strongly inspired by the “Wicker basket”. The director plays with various styles and patterns, creating a work that is both original and intriguing. Everyone who spent their childhood in VHS rentals will have fun during the screening like a pig.

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