Here are the best cases for your iPhone 14 – all models

You already know everything about the four new iPhone models? Good! Then we take a look at some of the new cases released for the different screen sizes – 6.1 inches for the iPhone 14 and Pro and 6.7 inches for the iPhone 14 Plus and Pro Max. Everything from simple leather and plastic shells to ones you can match to the fake fur or your Robocop costume.

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Iphone 14 case

Cheap wallet case

Simple, decent-looking wallet variant with magnetic closure and space for credit cards and cash, plus fold-out, adjustable support for longer viewing sessions on the go. Made of PU leather (that is, plastic leather) in brown, dark blue, green and black, among others, but availability varies depending on the mobile model.

Akabeila for iPhone 14 Pro Max
Award: From SEK 159 at Amazon Sweden

Iphone 14 case

Highlight the phone

Apple’s own transparent polycarbonate shell is the straightest way to highlight your new mobile, regardless of whether it is a regular iPhone 14 or Pro, Plus or Pro Max – and the appearance will of course vary depending on the phone’s color. Here image example of iPhone 14 in red with clearly highlighted Magsafe magnets behind a shell that is surface treated, partly to resist scratches and partly to not be discolored by the ravages of time and weather.

Apple Transparent shell with Magsafe
Award: SEK 695 at Apple

Iphone 14 case

Stylish Swedish shell

Swedish Nudient has existed since 2016 and boasts a Red Dot Design Award as well as several prizes for designer Jesper Ståhl from Elle Decoration. The shells in the Thin series are sober and simple and, not least, only a millimeter thin, with a lining of small microfibers inside to prevent the phone from being scratched. However, all ten available colors do not have Magsafe magnets, but only the three dark colors black, gray and green.

Nudient Thin Magsafe
Award: SEK 349 at Kjell & Company

Iphone 14 case

High degree of fashion

In the presentation of the Form, Nudient even uses the buzzword “silhouette”, and probably the shell has a really nice one with a reinforced frame around the sizable camera’s various lenses as extra protection. Unlike Thin, which is made from 100 percent recycled materials, the share for Form is 30 percent – but the goal is to reach all the way until the year 2024. Form is available in transparent blue, pink, brown or black, but lacks support in its standard version for Magsafe. However, a black model for the Pro Max has it for an extra 50 note.

Nudient Form
Award: SEK 349 at Nudient

Iphone 14 case

For those who want to do good

Zagg also invests in the environment and the Magsafe-compatible Gear4 Brooklyn Snap shell uses both vegan leather and recycled plastic. For every shell sold, a tree is also planted. What is written at the bottom refers to D3O Bio, a plant-based material that should protect against fall damage up to four meters, because it hardens when the phone hits the ground. The shell is also treated with an antimicrobial agent to kill bacteria and other microorganisms.

Zagg Gear4 Brooklyn Snap
Award: SEK 590 from Zagg

Iphone 14 case

Match the faux fur

German-made, tight-fitting case that you completely tuck the Plus or Pro Max phone into when not in use. The Fitbag Bonga has an interior microfiber lining to polish the screen and nice exterior faux fur with leopard or other animal-like motifs. If that doesn’t work, there are also lots of fabric variants, including embroidered edelweiss flowers!

Fitbag Bonga Leopard
Award: SEK 160 at Amazon Sweden

Iphone 14 case

Eco-friendly leather

Mujjo manufactures its stylish shells in tanned eco-certified leather, according to its own statement of the highest environmentally friendly standard. Like other natural materials, leather acquires a more or less beautiful patina, depending on your possibly rough handling. The case, which supports MagSafe, is available in brown, black or blue and has a millimeter raised frame around the screen to protect it, as well as an edge around the camera part.

Mujjo leather case for iPhone 14 Plus
Award: About SEK 663 at Mujjo

Iphone 14 case

Even more leather

Apple’s own leather shell is 100 kroner more expensive than their slightly fluffy silicone counterpart. Which is preferred is of course purely a matter of taste. The difference is that while the silicone shell is available in eight colors, which are generally a bit bolder and brighter, the leather shell comes in five more muted colors for both screen sizes: orange, black purple, forest green, umber (brown) or midnight black. Apple points out that Magsafe accessories can leave a faint impression, and if that worries the buyer, they should choose other materials instead.

Apple leather case with Magsafe
Award: SEK 800 at Apple

Iphone 14 case

Slightly fluffier

A 2-in-1 solution from Ideal Of Sweden with a mobile wallet and accompanying plain black shell. Now, the product image may not be the most favorable and makes the mobile wallet look like a leather jacket from the late 80s. But it is of course extremely practical, with a magnetic flap for secure closure, and spacious storage for up to six cards: four inside the folded case including a visible window for ID cards, as well as two on the camera side.

Ideal of Sweden Magnet Wallet+
Award: SEK 399 at Kjell & Company

Iphone 14 case

Off-road classic

On the other side of the spectrum is the Lifeproof Fre waterproof and shockproof case, where the new model is offered in black, purple or olive green (which they call dauntless). Ip68-rated Magsafe-compatible shell that is waterproof to a depth of two meters for one hour, with screen protection and sealed ports for the ports, as well as shock resistance corresponding to five times the military standard. Made from more than half recycled plastic, half of which thankfully is also recycled from the oceans.

LifeProof Fre Series for MagSafe
Award: SEK 899 at Otterbox

Iphone 14 case

No no no!

If you instead want your new 20,000 kroner phone to look like Robocop, there is the case with the possibly appropriate name Neinei for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with protective cover for the camera lenses and a fold-out support for video viewing. The price indicates that it is probably not made of titanium or other war and crisis resistant materials.

Neinei for iPhone 14 Pro Max
Award: About SEK 120 at Amazon Sweden

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