He is Nigel O’ Brian, the man who starred in the controversial kiss with Bad Bunny

He is Nigel O' Brian, the man who starred in the controversial kiss with Bad Bunny
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The opening that bad bunny has proposed with his music, clothing and even his sexuality has created a large number of debates in various social spheres, because in addition to being the most listened to Latin artist worldwide, everything related to his professional and private life promotes a large number of Interactions on social networks that end up generating luxurious contracts to have special collections in international brands or even participate in the seventh art at the hands of Brad Pitt.

As if all this were not enough, his most recent participation in the MTV VMAs 2022 continues to give something to talk about, because last Sunday, August 28, during his live presentation of Titi asked me repeated the formula of Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera: kissed two of his dancersbeing his LGBT+ contact the most commented and controversial of the night and that has now generated the question, Who is the lucky boy?

Here we present everything about the dancer who has become the envy of more than one who for years has dreamed of having a Bad bunny Open Mine and that now with the avant-garde and liberal proposals that he has presented in his professional career they have finally been fulfilled.

From Luis Fonsi to the “Bad Rabbit”

Nigel O'Brian dancing with Luis Fonsi (Photo: Instagram/ camarar0ja)
Nigel O’Brian dancing with Luis Fonsi (Photo: Instagram/ camarar0ja)

Nigel O’Brian It is the artistic name of the popular dancer that everyone does not stop talking about. Although there is not much information about his personal life, more than it is originally from Puerto Rico Like the singer, his time in the artistic world gives a much broader panorama that manages to answer what he has done and who else he has worked with.

Luis Fonsi: during the international success that the Puerto Rican had with his song Slowly in 2017 next to Daddy Yankee, Nigel was part of his group of dancers that accompanied him to various presentations in the United States, possibly being his first tour with an international artist and that put him on the dance scene with the challenge of his colleagues.

Jay Cortez, Nio Garcia Y Raww Alexander: this list of popular urban singers are also part of his history, because in his profile of Instagram (@nigelobrian_), where he also has more than 36 thousand followers, you can see part of the times he has accompanied them in live performances and recordings for awards or music videos, so his arrival with the Bad bunny It was not a coincidence but the result of his perseverance within his profession.

He also danced for Rauw Alejandro (Photo: Instagram/@nigelobrian_)
He also danced for Rauw Alejandro (Photo: Instagram/@nigelobrian_)

Nigel O’ Brian and his opinion on the gay kiss with Bad Bunny

“Mommy and daddy lookaaaaaaaaa, yet another achievement. VMAS 2022 and on tour with the #1 artist worldwide. And the best of all, making history with my classmates together with a master mind”, indicated the dancer in the series of photos and videos that he shared on his account. Instagram who have received countless comments from other men praising their moment on stage with the reggaeton player world hit maker safaera, I dance alone Y I behave pretty.

The reggaeton player made history by becoming the first non-English speaking singer to win the MTV VMAs for “Artist of the Year.”

“I still don’t know how to process that every sacrifice is having its reward and even more so when it’s what I really want. I never tire of saying how grateful I am for this, I never will. We did it kid * and we’re going for more. From Juana Díaz to the whole world”, he concluded in her photos and videos kissing Bad Bunny.

About the controversial moment, the reggaeton player has not made any statements, however his photographs posing skirts, dresses and heels of recognized and distinguished brands have also joined the trends LGBT+ that the singer has given.