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HBO Max will raise its prices after the merger with Discovery +

HBOMax. (photo: Daily Mail)

hbo max is about to go into restructuring as part of its merger with Discovery+. The measure, announced by Warner Bros. Discovery + at the beginning of August, will mark the before and after for the platform.

It is not yet known what name the service will adopt after the aforementioned unification, what can be taken for granted is that they will introduce a new pricing scheme that will not be positive for the users’ wallet.

If HBO Max has stood out in anything since its launch and even before, when content was only available through HBO Go and live channels, it is in the quality of its shows and movies. In fact, the platform led the nominations in the 2022 Emmy Awards.

Because of this situation alone, plus the huge number of products that it will add after merging with Discovery+, the increase in the subscription price is only a matter of time.

Why would prices increase on HBO Max?

Of course, Warner Bros. Discovery+ was prepared for such an increase. Thanks to The Verge, it was learned that in his conference during the Goldman Sachs Communacopia, Gunnar Wiedenfels, company’s financial director, anticipated changes in membership costs.

The reason for the above is that Wiedenfels considers the current prices of HBO Max and Discovery + “cheaper” than the quality of their original content.

Now, Wiedenfels is also arguing that, in its current state, HBO Max is not a perfect service. The manager pointed out that his interface is not as good and “clean” as that of Discovery +, implying that the merger would benefit the user experience of the previous one.

As you can see, at Warner Bros. this discovery is beginning to pave the way for items that are sure to increase anytime soon.

House of the Dragon episode 4.  (photo: HBO Max)
House of the Dragon episode 4. (photo: HBO Max)

The price increase in HBO Max is understandable, or not

Admittedly, current perceptions about the future of HBO Max aren’t exactly good, and with a bull run looming, prospects aren’t looking any better.

It should be remembered that the service was born under the auspices of other directors, but with the recent presentation of Warner Bros. Discovery, the future strategy is in the hands of people with very different visions.

The general opinion of several experts and of the users themselves is that a large part of the company has been poorly managed, especially financially, and this must be remedied as soon as possible.

HBOMax.  (photo: WarnerMedia/via REUTERS)
HBOMax. (photo: WarnerMedia/via REUTERS)

How will subscribers receive this news? Honestly, it’s a totally unknown landscape. It would be normal to think that there would be a great disappointment as it happened, such as the price increase of Netflix. HBO Max, however, is in a different position.

Its content production strategy prioritizes quality over quantity; That is why series like Game of Thrones, Succession, Chernobyl or Euphoria, to name a few, have reached the top.

As a result, existing HBO Max users may not express much dissatisfaction about paying a few dollars/euros/pesos/soles more. After all, if the business keeps up the pace of producing high-quality original content, it can afford the increased costs. As long as it’s not too disproportionate, of course.

If their plan succeeds without major setbacks, HBO Max and Discovery+ will begin to merge from the end of March next year.

Users can raise a dragon with augmented reality

In the application of augmented reality announced by HBO a few months ago, House of the Dragon: DracARys, fans can hatch a customizable virtual dragon egg that they can ‘raise’ their own dragon.

Available July 20, HBO’s app literally tells users how to train their High Valyrian dragon.

But thanks to enhanced Duolingo course, which will include some AR dragon commands, fans will be able to hone their pronunciation skills to master their dragons in the House of the Dragon: DracARys app.

House of the Dragon: Drac ARys.  (photo: HBO Max)
House of the Dragon: Drac ARys. (photo: HBO Max)

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