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HBO Max increase: Will subscribers who pay 50% be affected too?

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On the morning of this Tuesday (28), HBO Max announced the first monthly fee increase in Brazil. From now on, streaming’s multi-screen monthly plan will cost R$34.90.

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The news took users by surprise. This is because many of the platform’s subscribers pay for the service at the promotional price of R$13.95. The value was offered with a “Lifetime” discount on the launch of HBO Max in Brazil.

When the promotion was announced in 2021, the company confirmed that the value would be lifetime, even with possible readjustments for new subscribers in the future. “Anyone who subscribes to HBO Max by July 31st [de 2021] guarantees this half-price FOREVER, as long as the user maintains the monthly subscription”, read the post by HBO Max on Twitter.

On social networks, users revolted with the news and contested the promotion. “Hey guys, wasn’t the promotional price of HBO Max forever?” Asked an internet user.

Who pays 50% on HBO Max will be affected?

After all, will subscribers who had access to the promotional value be affected by the increase in monthly fees? Yes, the amount will also change for users who pay half the amount.

However, official HBO Max support on Twitter confirmed that the 50% rule remains in effect. I.e, subscribers who paid BRL 13.95 will now pay BRL 17.45 for the service.

In publications on Twitter, the company confirmed that users only need to keep the subscription active to enjoy the 50% discount on the monthly fee. That is, although the email sent to users brings the amount of BRL 34.90, half the price will be charged.

“The multi-screen monthly plan will increase, if you activate the 50% promotion on your subscription, it will increase to R$17.45, if the new price applies on the first billing date from March 30, 2023” , explained the support of HBO Max to users in Brazil.

As a result, as long as the user keeps the subscription active, the discount will still apply. That is, the tip is to keep an eye out and keep your credit card up to date at the service, to avoid losing the promotion.

If you have already missed the promotional value of HBO Max from the launch discount, it is still possible to subscribe to the service for half the price using Mercado Livre — see how it works.

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