HBO Max: 5 Best Hidden Series You Need to Watch Right Now

Let me ask you something: are you the type of person who loves discovering new productions? Yeah, in addition to those movies and series that are in the hype and that everyone already knows, you know?


Well, I confess to you that I love exploring streaming services in search of some hidden gems, which are kind of under the radar, but which can also have a lot of content to offer.

However, I understand that this is not an easy task, as you need to invest time to look for new series and movies and the bets you make don’t always pay off.


So, with all this in mind and to save you time and effort, I hand-picked 5 of the best series hidden in the HBO Max catalog for you to know!

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This time, the theme of the video is for you, who are a subscriber or think about subscribing to HBO Max, a Warner streaming that was launched in Brazil in June 2019.

And, in case you didn’t know, just to put you in the right place, HBO Max has a catalog that covers several productions from different well-known brands in the market, such as HBO, Warner, DC, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. In addition to being the home of some sporting events as well, such as the Champions League and the Paulista Football Championship.


But, for me, it’s the HBO original series that draw the most attention within streaming. Since there are several award-winning works, of great quality, with great scripts, casts and productions.

So, without further ado, I’m going to present you now 5 wonderful series and kind of “hidden” in the HBO Max catalog that you may not know yet, but you need to!

5 Best Hidden Series on HBO Max to Watch

5 – Band of Brothers

Opening the list, in the fifth position, we have the miniseries Band of Brothersan HBO original production that was produced by none other than Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

Considered one of the best miniseries in the history of television, not only within the theme of war, Band of Brothers is based on a book by Stephen Ambrose about World War II.

In the plot, according to HBO’s own synopsis, the miniseries “depicts the trajectory of the members of Easy Company, an elite group of US paratrooper infantry, from training to combat in the historic invasion of Europe”.

That is, the series is, yes, based on facts and has a highly dramatic content for that, since much of what we are seeing on screen has a historical basis.

But, in addition to the drama, the work also does not leave aside the action. Even the miniseries has very well produced scenes in this regard and does not fail to surprise with its visceral and shocking realism.

Anyway, you can expect that standard seal of quality from HBO, which is one of the network’s trademarks.

And, speaking of quality, it is also worth mentioning the super cast of Band of Brotherswhich has names like Damian Lewis, Ron Livingston, Michael Fassbender, in addition to our dear David Schwimmer, from the series Friends.

No wonder, this super production is remembered to this day and has won several awards, including Emmy and Golden Globe.

Band of Brothers was released in 2001 and has 10 episodes, all available on HBO Max.

4 – The Wire

In fourth position, we have a work that is considered by many critics as one of the best series of all time. I’m talking about The Wirewhich is also an HBO original production and was released in the year 2002.

The series spans the crime and drama genres, and was created by David Simon, a former crime reporter, and ran for 5 seasons. That is, until the year 2008.

And the narrative of The Wire is as follows: in the city of Baltimore, in the United States, where crime reigns in some areas, a group of police officers try to fight drug trafficking at all costs. And for that, they have a weapon up their sleeve: wiretapping.

Instead of fighting the criminals on the streets, which proves to be ineffective, they decide to tap the phones of the heads behind all the crime in the region. Thus, not only can they gain a greater understanding of how the drug trafficking world works in Baltimore, but they also gain important evidence to put these bosses behind bars and stop the crime, which seems to be rooted in the city.

But, Jean, this plot seems kind of simple. Then why The Wire is placed on a pedestal in the series’ universe?

well what makes The Wire What is amazing is that the series manages to create an accurate portrayal of a region in a fantastic way, exposing all the problems and challenges faced there in an exquisite way.

And the writers use Baltimore only as a small clipping to denounce things that happen not only in that city, but in the whole country in general.

Therefore, each season invests in different themes within the same macro story, such as politics, education, police force and so on. All to show that the problem related to crime involves all spheres of society and goes far beyond what is seen on the surface.

Anyway, I don’t want to give away spoilers, but I tell you that it’s a dense series, of excellent quality and that makes you reflect too much on various social, political issues, etc.

All 5 seasons are available on HBO Max and if I were you I would start watching ASAP!

3 – Barry

In the third position, I chose the series Barry for you to know, which is one of the biggest revelations of recent times.

Launched in 2018, Barry is also an HBO original and was created by actor and comedian Bill Hader, who also stars in the series.

And, in addition to a great performance by the artist, what draws attention in Barry is his curious and original plot, which has conquered many fans and has already guaranteed 3 seasons for the series so far.

In Barrywe follow the protagonist Barry Berkman, an ex-Marine turned professional assassin.

When he is hired for a “little job” in Los Angeles, he begins to question whether what he does for a living really makes sense, and whether continuing as a hitman is really the path he wants to take. In other words, he goes through an existential crisis, which everyone faces at one time or another in life, and he realizes that, despite being very good at what he does, it conveys absolutely nothing to him.

Therefore, in an attempt to reconnect with himself and his feelings, he enrolls in acting classes. Yes, that’s what you read.

But it’s clear that making that transition from hitman to actor wouldn’t be simple, and Barry’s past starts to come back to haunt him throughout the show and his transformational trajectory.

The series has already been awarded an Emmy and will win a 4th season on HBO Max.

2 – Primal

As always, an animation could not be missing here on the list, and the ball of the moment is primal.

Let me ask you: have you ever heard of Genndy Tartakovsky?

I know, I know, the name is complicated, but I’m pretty sure you know another work of his, called Samurai Jack.

Yes, that cartoon about a samurai who is sent to another time period by a demon and who needs to return to his time. The animation was broadcast for a long time on the SBT channel.

Well then: just like Samurai Jackwhich brought several innovations and enchanted with its simple features and wild adventures, primal is another great animation of the artist.

No wonder, this HBO original series won the Emmy for Best Animated Series in 2021.

Now, about the plot: primal takes place in a wild prehistoric world full of dinosaurs and menacing deadly creatures. In it, we meet Spear (one of the protagonists), who is a super brave and courageous caveman trying to survive the threats of the jungle any way he can.

And behold, on his journey within this universe, Spear meets the tyrannosaurus Fang and, due to some tragic circumstances, so to speak, they end up teaming up to try to navigate this cruel and bloodthirsty world together.

And what’s really cool about this series, besides the beautiful animation, is that, in almost the entire narrative, there are no lines or dialogue. Here, Tartakovsky bets on the famous “show, don’t tell”, that little rule of storytelling that, when properly applied, greatly enriches a story.

In other words, we follow Spear and Fang’s journey almost only visually, revealing their feelings and thoughts according to what we are seeing. Which makes the animation genius and much more meaningful, because if you take your eyes off the screen for even a second, you might end up missing something crucial.

Remembering that primal It has two seasons so far.

1 – The Third Day

Finally, I saved the miniseries The Third Day finally for you to know.

This HBO original production was released in 2020 and created by Dennis Kelly and Felix Barrett.

Leading Jude Law, an actor well known to the public, the work transits through different genres, such as suspense, drama and even horror.

The problem with this miniseries is that talking about it without releasing spoilers is a very complicated task, due to the plot full of mysteries. However, I will try to summarize everything as best I can. Come on.

The plot of the work begins by introducing the public to the protagonist Sam, a middle-aged man who recently lost his son and, therefore, is going through a very difficult phase.

Still in a state of mourning, Sam ends up on a mysterious island after an unusual encounter. And that’s where things start to get a little weird.

That’s because, on this island, which is off the British coast, the inhabitants are not very normal and cultivate some somewhat bizarre customs related to the folklore of the region.

And the more Sam begins to realize that there’s something weird about the place, the more the plot goes into a spiral of mysteries and madness that leaves you glazed, trying to understand what’s going on.

Anyway, it’s a series that will certainly hold you back a lot for the engaging narrative, in addition to having a beautiful production, with an excellent direction.

If mystery is your thing, The Third Day is perfect option for you!

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