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HBO MAX: 4 times the app crashed ‘at the right time’ and angered fans

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The expectation for the premiere of The Last of Us was quite high last Sunday (15). For this reason, in partnership with some cable television operators, HBO left its signal open so that more people could follow the airing of the first episode of the post-apocalyptic series based on the homonymous video game franchise.

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Promising a simultaneous premiere also on streaming through HBO Max, the launch of The Last of Us could reach a huge audience if the platform was not overloaded with the great flow received simultaneously and did not fall soon after.

As reported here at TecMundo, HBO Max went off the air for a few moments, leaving several subscribers angry. Some of them even shared their indignation via Twitter and followed the development of this impasse at the end of that Sunday night.

but this this is not the first time that HBO or HBO Max has suffered from high audience demand. In this way, in the list below, remember other similar events that caused constant instabilities in the station’s application. Enjoy!

1. Premiere of House of the Dragon

(HBO/Playback)Source: HBO

In August 2022, with the release of House of the Dragon, the HBO Max application also faced some problems due to the large flow of subscribers connected at the same time to check out the first episode of the series.

At the time, according to The Hollywood Reporter, users of Amazon’s Fire Stick TV were the most affected by the platform’s problems.

The popularity of the Game of Thrones spin-off revolted fans in many countries, who also took to social media to complain about the support offered by streaming.

2. End of Euphoria

(HBO/Playback)(HBO/Playback)Source: HBO

Despite having divided audiences and critics in several episodes of its 2nd season, Euphoria, the series about young adults developed by Sam Levinson and starring Emmy Award winner Zendaya, continued with good ratings for HBO. The fact is that on the night of the airing of the final episode, the streaming application simply went down.

According to what Variety found, some users had already reported problems to the platform about an hour before the start of the official broadcast. When trying to log in to streaming, an error message appeared on the screen all the time: “Could not connect. We are currently having issues connecting to HBO Max. Please try again”.

Apparently, support managed to reverse the problem in several places in a few minutes, but it was not enough.

3. Game of Thrones in 2017

(HBO/Playback)(HBO/Playback)Source: HBO

The 7th season of Game of Thrones, which at that point was already one of HBO’s most popular series, did not have HBO Max as a partner for streaming in 2017. However, the broadcaster had its shy HBO Go service , which featured much of the content originally broadcast on the channel over the years.

To attract new subscribers, a simultaneous debut was promised for July 17, but the platform was unable to handle the volume of people connected at the same time. Thus, even before the start of the exhibition, the application went offline. As some users reported on social networks, that would be the second consecutive Sunday that they could not access streaming.

Subsequently, HBO issued a statement apologizing for the mistakes made by its support. In addition, the note also reinforced the channel’s commitment to seeking efficient solutions so that the problem does not recur — but it is clear that they still have not been able to find them, right?

4. Game of Thrones in 2019

(HBO/Playback)(HBO/Playback)Source: HBO

And to close this list of mistakes made by HBO and its streaming technology services, we could not fail to mention an event that moved the world: the exhibition of the series finale of Game of Thrones, in 2019. Over the years, the series based on the writings of George RR Martin won over audiences in different ways.

Despite the last season being one of the most criticized by fans, there was still a lot of expectation to know the fate of most characters in the production. Including, there were many bets around who would finally sit on the famous Iron Throne. Although, HBO was unable to guarantee the comfort long awaited by thousands of people during the broadcast.

In yet another occasion full of failures with HBO Go, numerous users reported connection problems on the platform. Error messages popped up all the time, making subscribers angry. The most shocking thing is that, a few Sundays earlier, the same had happened during the premiere of the 8th and final season.

Did you like the content? So stay tuned here at TecMundo to remember other gaffes committed by the main streaming platforms and television channels!

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