Haylou GT7 NEO are announced with latency of 65 ms, autonomy of 22 hours and low price

Known for being another “arm” of Xiaomi, Haylou works with a series of wireless headphones and this week the company is presenting the new Haylou GT7 NEO.

This device is a kind of improved version of the current GT7, and it brings what the user is most looking for in the segment: good features and a low price.

Want to know more? Then check out the details of the new wireless phone from the Chinese.

Haylou GT7 NEO

Featuring an elegant design, the new Haylou GT7 NEO features thin temples and in-ear tips to easily adapt to the user’s ear. The company also sends a kit with more rubbers in the box so that each person finds the best option for their ear canal.

The headphones weigh just 3.9 grams and their “swan neck” design makes it easy for everyday use.

The devices also have dynamic drivers that deliver good audio quality with measured mids and highs, as well as immersive bass.

Haylou GT7 NEO headphones were announced with AAC Codec and bring noise cancellation for calls using Artificial Intelligence.

To control music or calls, the headphones have a touch-sensitive area. With this, the user can double tap to skip to the next song or simply answer a call quickly and simply.

Low latency and autonomy

With a simple double tap on the left earphone the user will have access to the game mode. Developed with gamers in mind, the feature reduces latency to just 65 ms.

That is, with the functionality you will not have problems with delays in shooting games, for example. In addition, for the best possible connection with the smartphone, the Haylou GT7 NEO comes out of the box with a Bluetooth 5.2 chip.

The new Bluetooth standard also allows the user to maintain the connection with the headphones up to 10 meters away.

This also guarantees greater autonomy, as the headphones now deliver a total duration of up to 22 hours away from the socket. When it is necessary to recharge the devices, the user will have a case that has a USB-C port, something that facilitates daily use.

Finally, the headphones are compatible with any Android smartphone or even iOS devices.

Where to buy?

Announced in black and white, the new Haylou GT7 NEO can now be purchased through retailer AliExpress. The launch price is US$ 29.99, something around R$ 142 in direct conversion.

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