Harry Potter: Wizarding World may already be over; understand!

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter saga, both the books and the movies, you must have heard of the Wizarding World. The term is used for designate the little wizard’s shared universe most famous in the world, that is, it includes the entire franchise created by author JK Rowling.


Currently, the Wizarding World has 11 films in total, 8 of which are adaptations of the original Harry Potter books, and another 3 related to the Fantastic Beasts saga.🇧🇷 The most recent film in the franchise, by the way, was Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secretsreleased in 2022.

  • Harry Potter: Warner hints at new franchise films; understand!

However, it seems that this magical franchise, which has garnered millions of fans around the world, may have come to an end.


At least, that’s what Warner Bros., holder of the rights to the Harry Potter productions, suggested during an executive meeting. At the time, the new CEO of Waner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, reportedly played the following statement: “We haven’t made a Harry Potter movie in 15 years”.

Harry PotterSource: Warner


Although it seems an innocent statement, some have interpreted the phrase as a confirmation of that interest in the Wizarding World has disappeared or is in the past🇧🇷

Other worrying indicators that could confirm this thesis are the weak numbers that the saga fantastic beasts has been presenting. The most recent feature, Dumbledore’s Secretsfor example, had the weakest debut in the franchise.

in total, Fantastic Beasts 3 made just $405.2 million at the worldwide box office. Meanwhile, the first movie hit the $814 million mark. Which shows a certain drop in interest on the part of the public in going to the movies to follow the saga.


In addition, the latest expert reviews also indicated a certain drop in narrative quality, despite many fans enjoying it.

What to expect from Harry Potter?

Despite the possible end of the Wizarding World, there are still franchise series and movies that can be developed.

Fantastic Beasts 4for example, is still a possibility, as well as a Harry Potter series on HBO Max (a production that has already won several rumors, including, but which has not yet been confirmed).

Finally, there is also the chance to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child turn movie. Anyway, we are still waiting for news!

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