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Harry Potter: Rupert Grint has a condition to return to the movies! Look

 Harry Potter: Rupert Grint has a condition to return to the movies!  Look

Last Thursday (26), Rupert Grint, interpreter of Ron Weasley in the saga Harry Potter revealed that he could return to interpret the role that marked his career. However, for this to happen, the actor has one condition.

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When asked about it during This Morning, a British television program, the artist replied that he would only return if everyone else also returned. “I think so, if the timing was right and everyone came back. He was an important character for me, we kind of became the same person. I’m very protective of him too. That was my entire childhood.”

It is worth remembering that in early 2022, the cast of the saga Harry Potter reunited in a special for HBO MAX to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of the first film in the franchise.

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How is Rupert Grint’s career going?

After the end of the film saga in July 2011, the actor spent some time away from the screen. This was because he needed some time to himself after spending a decade working on the wizard’s films.

Although affection for fans is still part of his life, the interpreter of the beloved Ron Weasley has a more homely life these days. His daughter, Wednesday, was born in May 2020 and since then he has shown to enjoy the role of father very much.

Still, over the years, the actor has returned to some roles. On January 13th, the 4th season of Servant, an Apple TV+ series directed by M. Night Shyamalan, has arrived on the streaming service. In it, Grint plays Julian Pearce, the protagonist’s brother.

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And soon, on February 2, he returns to the big screen with knock at the doorby the same director of Severant.

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