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Harry Potter: discover the schools of magic beyond Hogwarts

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Within the mythology created in Saga Harry Potter, budding wizards must attend a wizarding school during their early years in order to learn all about spells, potions, and magical creatures. That way, when the narrative begins, we follow Harry and his friends in their first year in Hogwartsboarding school where they have to deal with different news.

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  • Hogwarts: discover the history of the Harry Potter school

However, this is not the only school of witchcraft and wizardry present in the world, according to the Wizarding World (old Pottermore), information portal about the franchise. In an infographic published in 2016, it is possible to find out more about where these other schools are located. Check out all the details below!

Complete map with all Harry Potter schools of witchcraft and wizardry. (Wizarding World/Playback)Source: Wizarding World

Schools in the Americas: Ilvermorny and Castelobruxo

when the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was officially launched in 2016, the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry gained prominence, as some important characters would have graduated from the institution. According to Wizarding Worldin the ranking of the best schools of magic in the world, Ivermorny would be in one of the highest positions.

Located on Mount Greylock, Massachusetts, in the United States, the school would have been founded 637 years after Hogwarts by the Irish witch Isolt Sayre and her husband James Steward, who, in fact, was not a wizard. With the help of the couple’s two sons, Chadwick and Webster Boot, the four official Houses were created: Horned Serpent (from Isolt) and Pukwudgie (from James), Thunderbird (from Chadwick) and Pumaruna (from Webster).

(Wizarding World/Playback)(Wizarding World/Playback)Source: Wizarding World

And the second school of magic and witchcraft in the Americas would be located in Brazil, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. Known as Castelobruxo, students from all over Latin America can attend classes on site. A curious fact is that typical folklore entities of our country, such as Caipora, would be responsible for protecting the place.

Despite this, one of the former directors of the institution guarantees that these beings are very rebellious and cause a multitude of problems. Even so, students trained in Castelobruxo are known worldwide for being specialists in Herbology and Magizoology, offering free courses to other students in these areas.

(Wizarding World/Playback)(Wizarding World/Playback)Source: Wizarding World

It is also worth mentioning that, in the books of the Brazilian series the scarlet gun, by writer Renata Ventura, there are five schools of magic and witchcraft spread across the five regions of our country. The narrative begins in Our Lady of Korkovadolocated in Rio de Janeiro.

Schools in Europe: Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang

As we well know, Hogwarts is on the European continent, more specifically in the United Kingdom among the Scottish highlands. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Firetwo other European schools gained prominence due to the famous Triwizard Tournament.

  • Harry Potter: what is the order of the films and where to watch?

The first of these is the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, located in the Pyrenees mountain range, which separates the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of Europe. Students from France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium can enroll and attend your classes.

(Wizarding World/Playback)(Wizarding World/Playback)Source: Wizarding World

The well-known alchemist Nicolas Flamel is one of his most famous sons, being honored with a large fountain in the institution’s park. Professor Olympe Maxime, also portrayed in the films, was one of his most prolific directors.

The second is the Durmstrang Institute of Magical Learning, which would be located in the extreme north of Europe, between Sweden and Norway. Known for being one of the most secret schools of all, its reputation is not the best, as one of its directors, Igor Karkaroff, was a Death Eater of Voldemort.

(Wizarding World/Playback)(Wizarding World/Playback)Source: Wizarding World

School in Asia: Mahoutokoro

The Asian continent has the Mahoutokoro School of Magic, which is located on the volcanic island of Minami Iwo Jima, Japan. Considered one of the smallest magical teaching institutions in the world, the school welcomes students from the age of seven. One of the main features is the uniform, which has an enchanted cloak that changes color and can be very useful in several cases.

Most of these wizards’ wands are made of cherry wood, a tree typical of the country in which it is located. There are several very strict rules connected with student discipline. Its founders were Natsu Doraguniru, Naoro Masayasu, Kiharu Nakamura and Tomoyo Daidouji.

(Wizarding World/Playback)(Wizarding World/Playback)Source: Wizarding World

School in Africa: Uagadou

Finally, we must talk about the only magical institution on the African continent. A Uagadou School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is located in Uganda, more specifically in the Ruwenzori Mountains, in Central Africa, being the largest wizarding educational institution in the world.

Most of the students trained in Uagadou become great alchemists, astronomers and Animagi. Another great differential of these students is that most of them manage to cast spells without the need for wands, using only gestures to provoke magical reactions.

(Wizarding World/Playback)(Wizarding World/Playback)Source: Wizarding World

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