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Harry Potter Characters Who Could Be In The Avengers

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There is no doubt that Harry Potter is one of the most beloved fictional characters in the world. There are millions of fans across the globe who remain immersed in the universe of this franchise created by JK Rowling and made up of 7 books and 8 films.

And certainly one of the fans’ favorite pastimes is conjecturing about the characters. Crossing the different universes of pop culture is quite an exercise for the imagination.

Can you imagine if some of the wizards were part of the Iron Man? This is what we think about in this text: which Harry Potter characters would be great additions to the Avengers? Check out!

1. Severus Snape


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Professor Severus Snape is a half-blood wizard who mobilized many emotional and controversial reactions within the films Harry Potter. There is a bit of ambiguity in this not very nice figure, but it is undeniable that he is very competent at what he does.


Snape has many talents: he has great mental abilities, he faces duels like no one else and he is capable of creating very powerful potions. To complete, he is an Animagus and can transform into a bat. Undoubtedly, all these features would make it a great addition to the team of Avengers🇧🇷

2. Sirius Black

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Sirius Black is known as one of the bravest characters within Harry Potter🇧🇷 He is Harry’s godfather and has demonstrated many amazing abilities throughout the film series, such as transforming into a dog and doing very well in duels.

Even though he was defeated by Bellatrix Lestrange, it is worth remembering that he is extremely intelligent – ​​not by chance, he was the first wizard to escape Azkaban prison.

3. Remus Lupine

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Remus Lupine is seen as one of the most unlucky characters in Harry Potter🇧🇷 Still, he’s a very strong guy who could add a lot to Avengers🇧🇷

For starters, he’s a werewolf – he was infected with lycanthropy as a child – which gives him a few more attack possibilities. Lupine is also an excellent duelist and is able to control magical creatures.

4. Albus Dumbledore

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Albus Dumbledore is regarded as the most powerful wizard in the Wizarding World. That, in itself, would be enough to place him as a perfect member to help the Avengers to save the world. But there’s more: he’s capable of performing all kinds of spells as well as using non-verbal magic.

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To complete, his above-normal intelligence would also make him a great leader of superheroes, making them always choose the best strategies to defeat enemies.

5. Nymphadora Tonks

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Albus Dumbledore’s faithful squire is also a character that would add a lot to the group of Avengers🇧🇷 For starters, all of her Nymphadora Tonks appearances in the franchise Harry Potter have shown her to be loyal, brave, and selfless.

But she also has other valuable skills. Nymphadora is a shapeshifter, which means that she can change her appearance at any time. That certainly is quite an ability in a battle.

In addition, Nymphadora has incredible abilities for magic and fighting. The witch also proved that she can perform under pressure, cast special spells and attack and defend in a very strategic way.

6. Alastor Moody

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Alastor Moody “Foolish Eye” is often wronged within the world of Harry Potter. A lot of fans just see him as a paranoid freak, but Alastor is smarter and more strategic than he might first appear.

Due to his excessive preoccupation with everything, Alastor is always ahead of his enemies, and never underestimates his powers. He is still very determined: because of this, he even lost an eye, a leg and part of his nose during a battle.

Still, the witcher remains strong and continues to fight. A trait that would certainly be highly valued by Iron Man and his partners.

7. Harry Potter

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And it is clear that the Harry Potter, with all his heroic traits, would be a great addition to the Avengers🇧🇷

He is the youngest wizard to ever become an Auror, which is the Ministry of Magic’s elite group that is tasked with combating the forces of evil. Since the age of eleven, when he recovered the Philosopher’s Stone from Voldemort, Harry has already shown that he was really very special.

Over the course of the eight films, we’ve only had more and more proof that the young wizard is one of the great fighting wizards of his generation. Undoubtedly, his “candidacy” for the Avengers would be approved right away.

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