Harrison Ford’s priceless moment finding out THIS about his Marvel character

With Harrison Ford There’s the hilarious quibble that he may have played some of the most popular characters in pop culture, but that doesn’t mean he has much more interest in them than the average moviegoer. In fact, the veteran actor conveys a charming energy of being a little tired of everything, which is also not an obstacle to stop accepting the checks that Hollywood hands him as a result of returning to Blade Runnerto Star Wars oh Indiana Jones. This June 30thsupposedly, says goodbye to the latter.

Ford will incarnate him for the last time in Indiana Jones and the dial of fatewho drives James Mangold happening to Steven Spielberg. It is not the only association with Disney that he has in hand, since a few months ago it came out that he was going to play the general Thaddeus Ross in the fourth Captain America. formerly titled New World Ordernow Brave New Worldand where Ford succeeds in the MCU character to William Hurtdeceased in 2022. Which, sure, makes for some great interviews.

Ford does not have the face of following the news of the Marvel Universe or comics with relish, which has led him to star in an iconic moment in an interview. These days promote the dial of fateand went to a conversation with an interviewer from Comic book next to Phoebe Waller Bridge, his co-star. The journalist then recalled a recently published image, in which Ford appeared next to anthony mackie (aka the new Captain America).

Based on that photo, the interviewer inferred a easter eggand asked Ford if this meant that we would soon see the “Red Hulk” in the MCU. This is, Red Hulk, Ross’ bestial alter ego and one of the Hulk’s great antagonists, who was born as a desperate attempt by the military to hunt down his prey. It’s not something Ford knows about, of course. To the journalist’s question, he responded with another question: “What is a red Hulk?”

They then clarified that he is the evil alter ego of his character, surprising (apparently) the interpreter of Indiana Jones. Ford turned to Waller-Bridge saying “You knew this?” and she said “I know nothing”. The journalist assured that she expected this to happen, to which Ford already reacted a little more grumpily: “It may happen, or it may not”. Let’s not rule out that the annoyance comes from intuiting that, as this Red Hulk thing is true, Ford will be involved in yet another Marvel movie.

Captain America: Brave New World opens, after a delay in the date due to the writers’ strike, the next December 20, 2024.

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