Happy owner of a Pixel 6? You could be impacted by Pixel 6 battery problem

The Pixel 6 would suffer from battery life issues according to some tests, but not everyone agrees.

Our Pixel 6 test credits the smartphone with “good autonomy but as Android Police points out, opinions differ on the endurance of the smartphone.

Variable autonomy on the Pixel 6?

The Verge, Wired, Android Authority, or 9To5Google believe that the autonomy of the Pixel 6 is good, while XDA Developers and Droid Life speak rather of an average autonomy and that GSMArena or Tom’s Guide was disappointed.


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According to Android Police, the explanations for these discrepancies can be explained in different ways. First, the test protocols differ according to the editorial staff, and some testers may notice a low autonomy because they use many functions of the mobile in the context of the review. But the use of the mobile is then not in conformity with a use “standard”, the device is on average put to the harshest test.

Another argument put forward comes from mobile connectivity. The 5G modem is external and not soldered to the Tensor chip, which in some cases can result in overconsumption.

Pixel 6 battery problem

The duration of the test should also be taken into account. The Pixel 6 has an adaptive battery option enabled by default. That is, the system analyzes the daily use of the smartphone to optimize its management of background processes.

From the various feedbacks, we realize that it takes some time for machine learning to do its job and for the Pixel 6’s autonomy to improve. Those who have tested the smartphone for only a few days may therefore obtain worse results than others.


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And this also applies to all consumers: if you are disappointed with the battery life of your Pixel 6, perhaps the situation will improve as you use it and the system waits. adapts to your habits.

Source: Android Police

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