Halo Infinite, talk 343: upcoming hotfix for the Big Team Battle and beyond

After the Christmas holidays, 343 can finally return to take full care of support for his Halo Infinite. Those who are playing it will know that especially the free-to-play multiplayer part, has several problems, even quite serious, that negatively affect the gaming experience, in particular:

  • Big Team Battle (12v12 game mode) is extremely unstable and very difficult to access.
  • Servers, even classified ones, are infested with cheaters, mostly with auto aim and wallhack. There are no anti-cheat protections and bringing back dishonest players is too laborious a process.
  • Xbox players don’t like forced crossplay – not least because of the cheaters, which are mostly on PC.
  • The system of weekly challenges, events and rewards does not like: challenges that seem more achievements and rewards deemed inadequate.
  • More generally, I don’t like the business model of the game: the personalization of your character is considered rather limited and the prices of the items are exaggerated.


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Summing up 343’s post, the situation is that a Big Team Battle hotfix should arrive very soon , perhaps as early as next week. The bug seems to have been identified and the software is already in testing, and for the moment things seem to be going well. Certification should arrive shortly and then proceed with the release. In mid-February, however, a patch should arrive that will address the problem of cheaters and more – there are also anomalous behaviors in classified multiplayer.

Well, we can’t help but observe that details are missing on the whole issue of progression, challenges, battle pass, and virtual store. We imagine this to be a more demanding challenge for 343 herself as well. For the moment, however, even being able to play a BTB without restarting the game n times would already be a milestone.

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