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Halloween Ends: Is Michael Myers a supernatural being? Director responds!

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Halloween Endsthe last film in the reboot trilogy of the original franchise that started in 1978, is making a huge success among fans of horror thrillers and causing a stir in the world of cinema.

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In a recent interview with The Wrap, the production’s director, David Gordon Green, answered some questions about the film, particularly in relation to the murderer Michael Myers.

He revealed his opinions on whether or not the character is a supernatural being in the franchise. Check it out below!

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David Gordon Green says he likes the interpretations of Michael Myers

Since it started in 2018 and set out to bring heroine Laurie Strode back, the reboot trilogy of the 1978 film has been a huge success.

Now, the last piece of this trilogy, Halloween Endsbrings antagonist Michael Myers back to the big screen and leaves fans wondering whether or not he’s a supernatural being.

Director David Gordon Green revealed that he “is and is not”. That’s because he said he liked the interpretations people have of the killer.

He added: “I like the fact that there are these conversations. I don’t think he does anything supernatural. I just think he does spectacular and resilient things.”

(Source: Universal/Disclosure)(Source: Universal/Disclosure)Source: Universal

The answer ends up not being the most expected, but it shows that the franchise is concerned with bringing an ambiguity to be explored in the character by the audience.

The movies tell that Michael Myers is a terrible man, who was arrested after killing his sister during a Halloween in their childhood.

However, it was never clear if he was actually a supernatural being, so you can enjoy Halloween Ends and imagine what Michael really is!

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