Halloween: 7 horror movies for those who want to escape the obvious

Halloween is coming once again and, although the date is not celebrated as much in Brazil as it is abroad, many horror fans are eagerly awaiting the period. That’s because, throughout October, several productions of the genre are released – in addition, of course, to the classic films and series of the time that return to the spotlight.


But if you’re running away from classic Halloween productions, don’t worry. check out Seven Little Obvious Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween.

7. Speak no Evil (2022)

If you’re looking for a movie that will make you tense from start to finish, Speak no Evil it’s a good request. The film follows a Danish family who, while on vacation in Italy, meet a Dutch family. The two quickly become friends, but things start to get weird when the Dutch invite them to their house for a few days.


The film has received good reviews from critics, with many viewers even claiming that it is one of the best horror productions of 2022.

6. The Invitation (2015)


“A man accepts an invitation to dinner at his ex-wife’s house, which reopens old wounds and creates new tensions.” If you’ve checked out the short synopsis of The invitation on streaming services, it’s very likely that he missed the movie.

But make no mistake, the feature has much more suspense than the description indicates and should make you tense for almost two hours.

5. At nightfall (2017)


At nightfall, by Trey Edward Shults, is definitely not for those who prefer horror with so-called jump scares throughout history. The film’s suspense is entirely built on a climate of ‘fear of the unknown’.

“Paul (Joel Edgerton) lives with his wife and son in a lonely and mysterious but safe house, until a desperate family arrives seeking refuge. Gradually, paranoia and distrust of the unknown increase.”

4. The secret of the cabin (2012)

Are you tired of the usual horror movie clichés? But what if the production proposal is to bring them all together in a single work? Well, this is the proposal The secret of the cabin.

“Five friends are going to spend a holiday in a cabin in the mountains. There, they discover an old diary in the basement, which they begin to read. Gradually they believe they are surrounded by the supernatural, but soon they will understand that there is much more going on.”

3. The Babadook (2014)

“Amelia, a single mother tormented by the death of her husband, tries to deal with her son’s irrational fear that there is a monster lurking in the house,” reads the film’s official synopsis.

Like this At nightfall, The Babadook It’s not a scary movie. On the contrary, the film actually manages to bring up very sensitive subjects, such as depression and grief.

two. Bloody Wedding (2019)

Do you prefer a more fun movie, but with a lot of blood and high doses of tension? Bloody Wedding could be a good bet. In the film, we follow Grace, who, after a dream wedding, has to go through an unusual – and deadly – “ordeal” with her husband’s family.

1. Malignant (2021)

By James Wan (the nun, Invocation of Evil and Deadly Games), Malignant follows Madison, a woman who begins to have terrifying dreams of people being brutally murdered. She ends up discovering that they are actually visions of the crimes as they happen.

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