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Halle Bailey explains what was the hardest thing for her to imitate from Ariel in ‘The Little Mermaid’

Halle Bailey explains what was the hardest thing for her to imitate from Ariel in 'The Little Mermaid'

It was one of the most iconic scenes of The little Mermaid, so it had to appear in the live-action remake yes or yes. We talked about the mythical hair movement that the little mermaid made when she came out of the water after being turned into a human by Úrsula.

Despite how easy it may seem in the 1989 animated film, halle baileywho gives life to Ariel in the film directed by the Oscar nominee Rob Marshallhas admitted in an interview for ew that movement was one of the most difficult things for the new film to imitate.

It was a very funny scene. Although it was very difficult, because my hair was very heavy“, he explained. “I have dreadlocks, which I love. I have had them since I was 5 years old. They look like wool when wet, so they become very heavy. They almost double her weight,” said the actress, who also added strands of curly hair to her real hair to play Ariel.

“There was a lot of hair on my head so when I got in the water it would start to weigh a lot,” says Bailey. “That scene was so funny: they spent all day trying to find the perfect take, the perfect take, until they got one they really liked“.

On more than one occasion, the actress has commented on how special the fact that they decided to give Ariel her dreadlocks is to her. For his part, the director has stated that, from the beginning, he and his team, which includes the producers John DeLuca and Mark Plattthey decided that Bailey should be able to make the character his own.

“We found this way to create his hair which was to create it from his own dreadlocks,” Marshall explained. “We took his pretty dreadlocks and added hair on top of them. It’s a combination of braids and loose hair. I think it captures the authenticity of Halle’s Ariel while still feeling ethereal and otherworldly.“.

The little Mermaid has the participation of Javier Bardem like king triton and Melissa McCarthy as Úrsula and can be enjoyed in theaters from May 26.

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