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Hacker series that no one can miss

It’s never too late to start watching IT, hacker and cyberpunk themed series, with which in addition to having a good time of entertainment, you can understand technology concepts. Therefore, below are some options, other than the famous mr robotwhich can be viewed at any time.

Ghost in the shell

It is likely that many know it, in case you do not, it should be noted that in addition to the movie starring Scarlett Johansson, video games, manga and other animated films, there is an anime series. It has a futuristic theme where a government cyborg must catch a hacker who is taking control of computerized human minds while solving his own “ghosts.”

Pirates of Silicon Valley

This film, released in 1999, recounts the achievements of the visionary Steve Jobs (Apples) and Bill Gates (Microsoft), who helped revolutionize technology and paved the way for computing powerhouses. It is based on the book Fire in the Valley, and although it is not one of the most popular titles, it well portrays the path of the two most influential men in technology.

Battle Programmer Shirase

With just 15 chapters, this anime series launched in 2004 recounts the adventures of Akira Shirase, also called Battle Programmer Shirase, a programmer who has the ability to hack any platform or person and therefore is hired on multiple occasions for special tasks. As it is very short, it can be enjoyed in an afternoon marathon.


For those looking for something more serious, this Australian series showcases the best of police investigations. Although it does not boast a hacker in each chapter, like the Mr. Robot series, one of its main characters is.

Jesse Banks, who has had problems in the past with the police, helps his journalist brother to solve the case of a cruelly murdered young woman. Politics, justice and hackers are related in this series.

The IT Crowd

East british comedy series It was launched in 2006, a peak moment for Technology, since social networks were barely gaining strength and smartphones did not have the capacity that we currently know.

His jokes will please those who work in the area and those who are not very familiar, they will also be a pleasant reminder of everything that happened back then and what they got right when referring to the future. In short, they are geeks without reaching the extreme of the ridiculous as in other series.

Halt and catch fire

This title has a more serious aspect. Although it does not have a hacker as its main character, it can be a great delight for many, especially the nostalgic, since the series is set in the 80’s, when computers were a luxury and they were very big. The point of interest is to see how an engineer and an entrepreneur try to launch a computer that competes with the market leaders.

Another of the hacker series that is unmissable is Mr. Robot, starring Rami Malek. Due to its fame, it needs no introduction, since its four seasons were successful and impressive. Its last episode was broadcast in December 2019 and won the Golden Globe for best drama series. Without a doubt, it is a benchmark that needs no introduction.


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