Gustavo Adolfo Infante exploded against Sergio Mayer for seeking to be president: “Is politics so bad?”

Infante listed Mayer’s failed projects and questioned his ability as a politician (Photos: Instagram/@gainfante/@sergiomayerb)

in recent days Serge Mayer made his political aspirations clear and mentioned that looks like president after the next elections in 2024. The former deputy revealed that he will seek the candidacy because he considers himself a defender of just causes and seeks to help citizens.

“Of course I visualize myself, I decree it, I think about it and I continue working for it and that the fact of being an actor does not minimize younor does it take away the possibility of doing things well”, he declared for come the joy and also pointed out that great Hollywood celebrities have achieved important positions and governorships, so their aspirations should not be underestimated.

Nevertheless, The statements of the former Garibaldi did not fall in grace for multiple users in social networks, nor for some communicators, such is the case of Gustavo Adolfo Infantewho reacted with annoyance to the aspirations of the former President of the Commission for Culture and Cinematography.

For Infante, the former Garibaldi's management as deputy left much to be desired (Photos: CUARTOSCURO)
For Infante, the former Garibaldi’s management as deputy left much to be desired (Photos: CUARTOSCURO)

It has not been the first time that Mayer and Infante have engaged in an exchange of statements, which indicates that the rivalry between the two characters is stronger than a year ago, when the communicator of Image Group accused Sergio of alleged influence management.

It was through a live broadcast from his Facebook account where the owner of First hand questioned the objectives of Issabela Camil’s husband:

“Is the politics of the country so bad? Hey, what if a guy named Sergio Mayer has now come out saying that he wants to be president of the Republic. No, no, no mam*n, what’s wrong with us?, what’s wrong? Really, so pinc * ey so bad is the politics of the country with a friend like Mayer wanting to be president”, expressed the communicator.

Mayer mentioned that in the United States some celebrities have achieved successful political careers (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Mayer mentioned that in the United States some celebrities have achieved successful political careers (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

To argue his criticism, the controversial entertainment commentator recalled the facet of Sergio Mayer as erotic dancer in the show Only for womenwhere the former deputy also served as a producer.

He gave as an example of Mayer’s alleged lack of ability to lead a country the death of the actor Édgar Ponce, who in 2005 was rammed aboard his motorcycle by a truck, this as part of a promotional recording of the Show where other celebrities such as Manuel Landeta and The doll.

“His antecedents, which come to mind, are: production of Only for women, he ordered them to enter the Periférico without permission, without protection and as a result one person diedDo you know how much he compensated Édgar Ponce? Nothing, not a penny, neither to him nor to his family, the only thing we learned was that he threatened to keep them quiet because they were not going to finish it. The culprit: Sergio Mayer, of the death of this guy”, sentenced the journalist, who recently recalled that Andrés García threatened him with a gun in his hand.

What do you want to be presidents??? And his background?

Wonderful Saturday!!! What do you want to be presidents??? And his background?

Posted by Gustavo Adolfo Infante TV on Saturday, August 6, 2022

Likewise, he questioned the actor’s artistic talent and honorability: “I was in a group that did playback, a fraud, performance? All his so-called actions are unfortunate… There was a guy named Nassón I don’t know what, who was from The light of the worlda guy who was accused of raping and others, Mayer was broadcasting live and from the Palace of Fine Arts, he got them to give him the Palace of Fine Arts. Later as producer of the play Sie7etwo functions will have done and ran to all the people and did not compensate anyone “.

In its LiveGustavo also criticized Mayer’s performance as a federal deputy, a position he held until 2021, and described him as ignorant.

Later as a deputy, total ignorance. Today he says that he intends to be president of the Republic. No ma * n, net no. He doesn’t even have a party, Morena already fired him because she was there and at the hour of the hour, pinch * stab in the back that she gave them. But well, we have what we deserve, although not a cabr * n like that, ”she concluded.

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