Guns N’ Roses reacted to the advertising fence for their “great dance” in Yucatan

This is how the fence spread (Photos: Gettyimages)

In recent days, a billboard announcing the concert by Guns N’ Roses in X’matkuila municipality of Merida Yucatan. What caught our attention was that this advertising format is mainly used for salsa, cumbia or banda events.

The photo of the fence became so popular that it reached the official account of the Guns N’ Roses, who replicated the image from Twitter and wrote: “Merida, are you ready for the Big Dance!”because the show was promoted with that word, as if in reality the songs of the American band were mainly to be enjoyed dancing.


The tweet of the interpreters of Sweet Child O’Mine It surprised all its fans and above all, the inhabitants of X’matkuil, the event in this municipality will take place next Saturday, October 15.

This is the first concert offered by the popular band this year. Afterwards, they will continue their tour of Guadalajara Jaliscoand will be presented at the Akron Stadium on October 18. They will continue their journey to the capital to perform their concert on October 21 at the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium. Finally, they will head north, where they will enjoy a show at the Monterrey Baseball Stadium, Nuevo León, on October 23.


These new concert dates come after the band had to postpone all the presentations that were scheduled for this year, because the pandemic covid-19 and the containment measures taken did not make his return to Mexico possible.

The members of the American group Guns N'Roses Axl Rose and Slash during a performance in Madrid. EFE/Victor Lerena/File
The members of the American group Guns N’Roses Axl Rose and Slash during a performance in Madrid. EFE/Victor Lerena/File

The Guns N’ Roses team also announced that those fans who already had their tickets should not worry about the postponement of dates that occurred this year, since your tickets will be honored by 2022.

Among the comments, Internet users left video edits, in one of them, they made an edit with the aim that the vocalist Axl Rose seems to speak Mayan to introduce the pink geese (the literal translation of the band’s name) It was clearly possible to see that he only spliced ​​the audio of some tribute group.


But that was not all, because another Internet user shared a recording announcing the Guns N’ Roses concert. Other comments from Internet users were: “I can already imagine Los Guns N’ Roses in the bailongo de Mérida”, “The entire Yucatecan race, dancing Welcome to the jungle” Y “The propaganda of a rock concert, more Chinese… doesn’t exist…”

So far, it has not yet been established whether there will be any band or artist that opens the concerts from CDMX and Monterrey, but different previous events will be held, from which the opening act could arise.

As reported, at least for Monterrey, there will be a Battle of the Bands and the call could come out in the coming months. The group that wins the contest, may be presented in a special way before the public and could even reach CDMX.

It should be noted that there will be no special fan encounters with Guns N’ Roses such as meet&greetbut it is expected to be able to do some activity in which the winners of the gang war in Monterrey can be in the production of the Monterrey and CDMX concerts.

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