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Guide to download Stories from other users on Instagram

It’s been a long time since the stories from Instagram became one of the main attractions of the social mediasince many apps They take pains to copy them. Many people use stories on Instagram to say things, but by nature it makes many users want to see them again, and not necessarily by going to the user’s profile again and again.


If the aforementioned has happened to any TechMarkup reader, it is important to know that There are ways to download Instagram Stories from a cell phoneeither Android or iOS. For this, there are different websites for this purpose and many applications in google play. Two options will be shown below, the only problem being the ads:

This is how you can download Instagram Stories on an Android device


Among the many options on Google Play, the Android application that has been chosen for this process is called Download Instagram Videos. It’s free, 100% secure, has over 10 million downloads and has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Once it’s downloaded (it will appear as ‘IG Downloader’ in the smartphone), you have to do the following:


1. Go to Instagram and Copy the link of the story you want to download. How? By tapping the three dots icon in the top right corner and clicking ‘Copy link’.

2. Then open the ‘IG Downloader’ app and click ‘Paste link’ (the link will be automatically copied into the space provided). You may be required to log in to Instagram to continue.

3. Click ‘Download’ and in seconds it will be downloading.


4. To save, access the history of downloaded stories by clicking the icon in the upper right corner.

4. Touch the three dots icon where you want to save it, touch ‘Share’ and select ‘Upload photo’ to store this photo or video in your account google photos.

This is how you can download Instagram Stories on an iPhone device

The strict rules of app store prevent that apps publicly allow other users’ Stories to be downloaded to the iPhone. In this case, TechMarkup’s recommendation is to use a browser (Safari) and open one of the websites that exist in Internet to this end.

One of the best options is undoubtedly StoriesDownan alternative and very simple method (despite the large number of ads) to quickly download Instagram Stories, either video or photo. Obviously, You can also use this option on Android phones if you don’t want to install any apps.

The process is as simple as enter the username in the space provided and click on ‘Look for’.

All the stories that the user has published at that moment will be displayed immediately, in order from newest to oldest. Under each of them you can see a button ‘Download’. Touch it and accept the download.

Then you just have to touch the blue Circle in the Safari bar (indicating that the download is complete) and in the drop-down menu, click ‘Download’.

When the list of downloaded content appears, tap the content you want to save to iPhone, and then tap the classic iOS save icon (lower left corner), which will give the option to share the file or store it in the user’s library. smartphone.

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