Guide to Correctly Use Free Fire utility items

Utility items play an important role in Free Fire. They have numerous tactical uses and are useful during certain challenging situations. Some help in defense, while others are good for mobility.

While all of these elements have their uses, knowing how to use them makes a difference. By following these simple tips, players will be able to correctly use Free Fire utility Items in the game.

Use smoke grenades to escape home combat

When you are trapped in a house with opponents, the best way to escape is by blowing smoke. Once players have an exit strategy in mind, they must deploy the smoke grenade and quickly exit the house. If done correctly, the enemies will have no idea.


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Free Fire smoke grenades

Use gloo walls to scale structures

Some structures of Free fire they are not accessible. However, players can still scale them using gloo walls. By stacking a few carefully, they should be able to get to the top. This is ideal for exploring and securing high ground.

Use decoy grenades when you want to cause a distraction

Players can use decoy grenades to cause a distraction. This can be achieved by throwing the object to attract opponents to a particular location. Once they go to inspect the sound, players can move unopposed or set up an ambush.

Master the 360 ​​° gloo wall trick to protect yourself

The 360 ​​° gloo wall trick is the ultimate skill that players must master in Free fire. Once perfected, this cheat can be used to deploy gloo walls in seconds and protect the player from all sides.

Free Fire gloo wall

When in close-range combat, use smoke to hide and shoot

During close-range fighting in Free fire, players can deploy smoke and hide. From within the smoke cloud, they can shoot attackers with great precision. If done correctly, they shouldn’t be damaged in the process.


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Go downhill on a surfboard to gain speed

Surfboards are exceptional utility items in the game. They offer great mobility and allow players to move easily. To take full advantage of this element, players must go downhill to gain speed. By utilizing this speed boost, players can traverse the map more effectively.

Free Fire utility

Stack gloo walls to stop fire from high ground

Opponents on high ground have better shooting angles. They can often shoot over walls, rendering them useless. To overcome this problem, players must stack two gloo walls to block incoming fire.

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