Guide to connect an Xbox controller to iPhone, Mac, Android or computer

Guide to connect an Xbox controller to iPhone, Mac, Android or computer

the command of Xbox it is one of the most cross-platform compatible accessories. Likewise, it is known that it is one of the products that best ergonomics gives the player thanks to the shape and position of the buttons. In this way, it facilitates games in competitive titles. For this reason, chances are, if you have one, the user wants to connect it to a pc, mobile phone or Tablet.

One of the keys to the great versatility of Xbox controllers is their connectivity. These accessories are compatible with wireless protocols and Bluetooth from Xbox. Therefore, you can be sure that They will be compatible with almost any device to which you want to connect. In order to follow the instructions correctly, the following devices must be highlighted that the user will be able to pair their Xbox controller:

-Windows PCs.

– Mac.

– Android phone or tablet.

– iPhone or iPad.

How to tell if an Xbox controller is Bluetooth compatible

Before you start connecting an Xbox controller to any device, you first need to check if it is compatible with the technology Bluetooth. To find out, microsoft has devised an easy way to learn. However, it is also vital to know that the latest versions of these controls (since the Xbox One S) integrate Bluetooth.

In case you want to confirm that, you just need to check the plastic piece located on the top of the Xbox controller:

– On a controller bluetooth-enabled, you will find that the The plastic surrounding the Xbox button is the same color and material as the rest of the controller.

– Instead, the devices that are not compatible with this technology they will have the Xbox button surrounded by black plastic with a shiny surface.

How to connect an Xbox controller to PC with Windows operating system

Microsoft handles Xbox and Windows; for this reason, connecting your controller to a computer running this operating system It should be an extremely simple process. In fact, the company was in charge of developing more than one method to achieve it, so there are many options:

– Via Bluetooth

With this option, there is no need to buy cables or adapters, all you need is a Xbox controller and a PC with Windows 10 or later. On older versions of the operating system, you won’t be able to make it work that way.

To connect an Xbox controller to a computer via Bluetooth, simply follow these steps:

1. On the PC, go to Setting.

2. Here, go to Devices.

3. Enter Bluetooth and activate it.

4. Select Add Bluetooth or other device, and start looking for the command.

5. Press the Xbox link button when the computer asks for it. This button is located at the top of the controller.

– Using a USB cable

For Windows 7 and 8.1, as soon as you connect the Xbox controller via USB cable to your computer, it will start downloading the drivers for it to work properly.

If Windows 10 or 11 is counted, the accessory will be instantly recognized thanks to the integration of the two systems in the Xbox ecosystem.

– Using an Xbox Wireless Adapter

Several years ago, Microsoft introduced the Xbox wireless standard. The system can be found natively on some computers, such as models Surface of the company. However, if your PC doesn’t have it, you can always get an external adapter.

Of course, if you are thinking of buying it, you have to take into account that Microsoft has released two models. One of them works with Windows 10 and 11, Meanwhile he another is only compatible with Windows 7 and 8.1.

How to connect an Xbox controller to macOS

Connecting an Xbox controller to a Mac computer is as easy as on PC. You just have to follow the following steps:

1. Press the controller pairing button (located next to the top connector).

2. Open System preferences on the Mac

3. Login to Bluetooth.

Four. Locate the Xbox controller in the right list and double click.

How to connect an Xbox controller to an iPhone or iPad

From iOS 14.5, Manzana added native support for Xbox controllers. The synchronization process, on the other hand, is quite fast and simple. Simply follow the process and you should be able to pair your controller:

1. Power on the controller and press the pairing button.

2. Go to Setting on the iPhone or iPad.

3. Login to Bluetooth.

4. From the device list, select xbox controller when it appears.

5. Follow the steps on the screen and complete the pairing process.

In turn, Apple’s support for the Xbox controller extends to the AppleTV. Your device only needs to have tvOS 13 or later, and you can sync the controller to play apple-arcade and other compatible titles.

How to connect an Xbox controller to an Android device

Native Xbox controller support is available on Android since version 5.1. Of course, the compatibility with the operating system of Google is via Bluetooth only, so an Xbox controller that supports this technology will be required.

On the other hand, the experience between each manufacturer is different, and will also depend on the version of Bluetooth and the optimization of the terminal. The process is the following:

1. Turn on the Xbox controller and press the pairing button.

2. Go to Setting and then go to Bluetooth on your Android mobile phone or tablet.

3. In the list of devices, select the Xbox controller. Follow the pairing process and you’re done.

You can now download apps from Google Play Store to map the buttons on your Xbox controller. However, hundreds of games have been tweaked to work natively with them, so just experiment to see which one works best for you.