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Guide to blur the background of a photograph with Google

One of the novelties that have reached the devices Android in the last days is the ‘world portrait’ from google photos. For more than two years it was possible to blur the background of any portrait, that is, any photo with a person in the foreground, but now the options are expanded.


Google has extended the tool to blur the background or foreground of a photo. It is no longer limited to humans, but now you can also blur photos including animals, plants, food or any object and even for older photos.

Next, TechMarkup brings how the Google Photos blurring tool works.


So you can blur any image with Google Photos

If you want to blur an image through Google Photos, you have to open the image and click on Edit to display its entire menu of options.


In the section Tools you can see the desired option under the name blur.

This tool will allow you to change the focus by touching the photo to tell Google Photos which elements you want in focus and which you want out of focus. This allows you to blur unwanted foreground or background.

Once the focus is achieved, it only remains to play with the levels of blur and Depth.


With the Blur option you can adjust how much blur we want the background to have; with the option Depth can be adjusted from how far away you want the blur to start.

For photos not taken with the camera’s portrait mode, Google Photos uses your artificial intelligence to calculate virtually all image planes and distances to provide a variety of more effective results for most photos, giving your photos a more artistic and professional look.

Three tricks to save space and make the most of free storage in Google Photos

Google Photos put in place a feature that stopped letting you save photos for free last year, so it’s like a paid one. However, There are several methods by which you can add a few megabytes or gigabytes to make more room for photos and videos.

These are pretty simple tricks and will go a long way in saving a lot of space. They are not complicated at all, just ideas to consider in case you are a few gigabytes short for all your photos.

1. Clean up Drive

Storage space is shared between google photos and google driveso anything you upload to the Google cloud affects how much storage you have in Google Photos.

Here, the ideal is to consider if you want to continue using the Google cloud for large files, and remember how much microsoft on Windows What Manzana they offer free space in their own clouds.

The ideal is to be able to combine free repositories from different platforms, or at least search Drive for the files that take up the most to move them and save space.

2. Delete large photos

Google Photos has an option to find large photos. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Click on your profile image and enter the option of Photo Settings in the menu that opens.

2. Here, press on Backup and sync

3. Now click on Manage storage.

4. Finally, enter the option Large photos and videos

Here you can eliminate what weighs more in terms of space and have more storage available.

3. Change photo quality

In the settings of Photossimply select Memory saving as image download quality.

You can also compress any downloads that already exist, but keep in mind that you will lose the original quality, so you may want to make a backup first.

You have to do this on the web by going to

Once inside, click on the option Claim Space and changes will apply.

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