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Guide to activate parental control on TikTok and protect minors much more

One of the social media most used by adolescents today is TikTok. Therefore, it is better to control as precisely as possible the content they use. Well, this is doable without any additional installation since the application in question includes Parental control. TechMarkup will show below how to enable it.


The truth is that depending on the age specified when registering on the platform, the behavior and the content to which you have access will vary, but in some cases it may be less. An example is when excessive use of time (for example) makes it appropriate to set limits. This is exactly what can be achieved by following the steps that are going to be shown, being a very simple process to carry out.

This is how you can activate TikTok parental control


Yes, to activate it and enjoy all its functions it is necessary link the apps of the adolescent’s terminal with the one installed on the device of the parent or guardian (as is the case with Family Link of Google).

This is positive, since the use of the account can be seen specifically, and it is important to know that you always you have to run it from a mobile device, since this option is not offered in a computer.


These are the steps to follow To enable parental control provided by the TikTok social network:

1. Open the application as usual in the telephone and then click on the icon profile that is in the lower right area.

2. In the new screen that appears, you have to use the icon with three horizontal lines which is usually called ‘hamburger’.


3. Among the options that exist, choose Settings and privacy.

4. You will now be able to see a list with many options where the one that interests you is family match and, when using it, you have to click on the red button in the lower area called Continue.

5. You will now see the option to set this to be the parent’s phone. Select this option and click on Following. Now a QR code on the screen that it is necessary to use in the terminal of the minor or child.

6. To do this, it is only necessary to follow the steps above, but when choosing the type of account you have to select Teen.

7. Then scan the code on the main phone.

8. Use the button Link accounts and a window will appear in which you have to use the option Link. And voila, the process is over.

All the options that can be configured

Screen time management: allows you to know how much time the minor spends on TikTok each day. In addition, “TikTok has partnered with top creators to make short videos that appear directly in the app and encourage users to monitor their screen time,” the company’s official statement said when it launched. this option.

Restricted mode: allows you to limit the content considered by TikTok as not appropriate for all audiences. If this option is activated, the app’s algorithm will automatically filter the material according to the mentioned criteria.

Direct messages: Allows you to restrict who can send messages to the indicated account. There are already many operational limitations, such as the inability to send images or videos via private message, but new controls will now be implemented. “These protections go a step further when it comes to the youngest members of our community, and we will automatically disable direct messages for accounts under the age of 16,” TikTok mentions of its parental control system.

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