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Guide: How to check Bluetooth version of an Android mobile

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Today, all Android phones have Bluetooth connectivity, but the versions are different. If you want to check Bluetooth version of your phone, you can use a special application to get data to understand the hardware of the phone.

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If you have the old version of Bluetooth, It will no prevent you from connecting to the devices. But if you want to take the advantage of new high speed and other new features then you should update your Bluetooth. We have a complete guide to easily check Bluetooth version of your Android phone.


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What version of Bluetooth is on my Android phone

The parts that appear in the technical sheet of the terminal, Bluetooth is also one of them. Although sometimes the summary that is shown in the online store or the product box itself may not involve too many details. When in doubt, it is better to check the version on your phone.

Although the system information section of your mobile phone usually shows the data about RAM storage and mobile memory, it does not track the Bluetooth version. The only thing you can see is the Bluetooth MAC address. You will require the system information application to check the Bluetooth version. AIDA64 is one of the best system information apps. You can easily download it from the Google Playstore

AIDA64 is an advanced application that gives you detailed information on all phone specifications. Although the Bluetooth information is in the “System” section, it has a specific section for the specification of Android, CPU, or screen information.

Touch “System” and scroll the list down until you reach the option “Bluetooth Version”, which will accurately tell you the digital version of Bluetooth that your mobile device support. This section completely depends on the internal metadata of the system.


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Remember, this means that mobile phones can enjoy the features of the built-in Bluetooth up to this version. For example, if your headphones support Bluetooth 5.0 connection, but the version of your phone Bluetooth is 4.2, they will still work because Bluetooth is backward compatible, but it will decrease the speed than the supported rate.

If you want to know the exact Bluetooth function that your mobile phone, you can refer to the technical knowledge, but you can find it in the free BT / BLE Checker app on Google Play.

In the process to check the Bluetooth version of the android phone, BT / BLE Checker will tell you the phone’s Bluetooth MAC address and the different Bluetooth profiles and functions supported by the phone. Unfortunately, there is no detailed description of what each of the functions.

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