Guide and tips to start playing League of Legends

Guide and tips to start playing League of Legends

League of Legends it’s a play online gender MOBAs. It is the first and best known game developed by RiotGames. Surely many of the readers have heard about this game and its popularity, which is so great that there are 1,300,000 concurrent players. These numbers make League of Legends the most played video game today.

The most popular mode is the 5v5 map, where you have to take down turrets to advance and eventually destroy the opposing team’s link.

It can be a bit confusing at first to understand what you, or your opponent can do, since there are so many characters with different mechanics, roles and classes, so in this guide, TechMarkup brings a tutorial with the best tips for beginners.

LoL has a wide variety of characters

The great and growing depth of LoL’s cast of characters (of different races, roles and classes) added to the constant revisions it is overwhelming:

– Reworks, or drastic changes in both visuals and abilities of a champion.

buffs: Buffs to skill damage, range, duration, or cooldown.

– Nerfs: worsening of the same, makes it difficult to exhaust the playable possibilities of this MOBA.

The game has 159 Champions, among which Alistar, Annie, Ashe, Fiddlesticks, Jax, Kayle, Master Yi, Morgana, Nunu, Ryze, Sion, Sivir, Soraka, Teemo, Tristana, Twisted Fate and Warwick stand out.

Fundamental principles of the game and the map in LoL

League of Legends is structured in 3 lines, with 2 towers to take down per lane and a nexus defended by 3 outer towers (one per lane) who defend exclusively 3 inhibitors by the team that tries to destroy it and 2 turrets that defend the nexus and that, if destroyed, would mean the end of the game.

This concept has not changed since the creation of the game and is still the most important when it comes to winning the game.

The movement of companions and the different structures can be constantly tracked across the map, and that of the enemies is limited by the fog of war (fog of war)for which it will be necessary to invest the gold in vision guardians and thus make it possible to observe the movements of the enemy.

Regularly check the map for help teammates and/or destroy enemies It is always of vital importance during the development of the game.

Character roles in League of Legends

The roles have been predetermined by the GOAL fundamentally since its creation: TOP (top rail), JUNGLE (taking care of the target monsters occupying it), MEANS, MEDIUM (middle lane) and BOT (bottom lane, usually occupied by 2 characters).

At this point, it should be noted that there are constant content updates in the game, so it is totally recommended to go to platforms like Youtube or Reddit where experts present guides for both beginners and experts to update with each patch that the game makes.

TechMarkup recommends the following channels on YouTube: PochiPoom, Manute, TenYasha LOL, Josedeodo and LastPick’s lab.

Primary runes of the ‘champions’

The most important feature in terms of gameplay are the runeswhich are added to characters during pre-match champ select to tailor them to each game and define their shape.

exist 5 primary runes which can be combined with a secondary tree:

– Precision: Improved attacks and sustained damage.

– Domination: Explosive damage and target access.

– witchcraft: Empowered skills and resource manipulation.

– Value: durability and crowd control.

– Inspiration: creative tools and manipulation of the rules.

Classes and subclasses

The League of Legends characters and their variety means that they are found in different types according to their characteristics, not counting the items that can be purchased to take advantage of their innate characteristics:

– Tanks: They are capable of taking a large amount of damage and usually have abilities to stop, freeze, interrupt or displace enemies and allies, among others. There are two types of tanks. These are Vanguard, which normally represent the attack reference and are usually decisive in team battles, focusing the enemy’s attention; and guardians or protectorswhich are defensive references that are called to defend those champions in our team that do damage and are more fragile against the enemy’s threats

– fighters: They are capable of inflicting a large amount of damage and receiving it in equal parts. There are two types of fighters. These are colossi, with limited mobility, its objectives are usually the destruction of enemy towers, creating map pressure and disrupting or disrupting large fights; and rammersgifted with great mobility, who usually look for one or two priority targets in the enemy that allow the team to tip the scales in group fights.

– Executors: champions that stand out for their mobility and damage. There are two types of fighters. These are assassins, their high mobility allows them to slip in and out of fights, boasting abilities that radically amplify damage to make targeted enemy champions disappear; and skirmisherswhich allow you to take on specific targets and are capable of taking a substantial amount of damage.

– Wizards: Their overall low mobility makes them easy to focus your attention on, but their AoE abilities, minion wave control, and high damage potential make them a huge threat. There are two types of fighters. The first of them are the Battle Mages, those whose skill range is short-medium distance and need to get behind enemy lines to be relevant; and Artillery Magescharacterized by being able to inflict a large amount of damage without exposing themselves.

– Controllers: Endowed with fundamentally disruptive and crowd control abilities, they are considered defensive although they can do a great deal of damage if ignored. There are two types of fighters. These are the lovely, which buff allied champions and cripple enemies are his primary targets. They are usually quite fragile and depend on their positioning; and disruptorswhich are capable of damaging multiple enemies and temporarily slowing or interrupting them.

Items on the League of Legends map

– minions (minions): Minions come out of the nexus in waves and are the most accessible source of gold for all champions and lanes in the game. Every 30 seconds, a new wave comes and they have these characteristics: Two waves of 6 minions, 3 melee and 3 ranged (casters), followed by a wave of 7 minions, 3 melee, 3 ranged and a siege minion (cannon minion) that does more damage and with more defensive capacity.

– Towers: These fortifications stop the wave of minions and champions on their way to the enemy nexus. Each tower has certain characteristics such as an attack range around it, which gives vision of everything that happens (including invisible units and traps) in that range.. The tower will attack the enemy champion whenever they deal damage to the character being used.

So far the League of Legends (LoL) guide. TechMarkup hopes that it can help all beginners who want to enter the world of this popular MOBA game, in order to improve the user experience.