Grey’s Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo calms fans and says she will return to the series; understand!

In August of this year, Grey’s Anatomy fans were dealt a small blow when they learned that Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey, the series’ protagonist, would no longer be a regular character in production during the 19th season.


Many were scared and even considered the end of Grey’s Anatomy, which is currently one of the longest series in television history. In an Instagram post, however, Pompeo tried to calm fans down and stated that he will eventually return to the show.

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Check out the actress’ post:

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In the message, she says she is forever grateful for the love and care she received from fans during the Grey’s Anatomy years, noting that nothing would be possible without them. She also revealed that she will soon return to “visit” but that the show must go on (with or without her).

Pompeo is one of three original cast names still remaining in the work after 19 years. For now, despite not appearing as much in the episodes anymore, she is still an executive producer, in addition to narrating all the chapters in voice-over. as usual.

When will Meredith leave Grey’s Anatomy?


The date for Ellen Pompeo’s “farewell” is already set. The brief goodbye should take place on February 23, 2023, when the second part of the 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy🇧🇷

In the episode, which should be filled with strong emotions, we will see the most famous doctor at Gray Sloan hospital say goodbye to everyone and leave for Boston, where new challenges await her.

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The change happens because, as already revealed, the character discovers that her daughter, Zola, needs a school that stimulates her better and helps her with her anxiety and panic attacks. That school is in Boston, where Meredith will also have a new job, at the Catherine Fox Foundation, trying to find cures for Alzheimer’s.

Despite the sadness of fans to see the face of Grey’s Anatomy take a break from the series, Pompeo had already said, in September, that he will participate in the season finale of the 19th season.

Therefore, we look forward to the return of the eternal Meredith Gray to the halls of Gray Sloan!

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