Grey’s Anatomy 19×3: Addison is back in the series; see promo!

The promo for episode 19×3 of Grey’s Anatomy brought a surprise long-awaited by fans: the return of Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery in the medical series. The episode, which airs Oct. 20, is called “Let’s Talk About Sex” and features Addison getting to know the new interns at Grey-Sloan.


In the trailer, Dr. Bailey – who also no longer works at the hospital – tells the interns that they will have the chance to work with a world-renowned surgeon. As usual, Addison makes a grand entrance and jokes with the doctors: “Don’t be so serious. Today, you will be paid to talk about sex!”

Check out the trailer below:


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Addison’s return comes after several other beloved characters appeared in the show’s final season: George, Lexie, Mark and, of course, Derek Shepherd. As such, the episode is like a gift to longtime fans of the show.


Dr. Montgomery is back to help Bailey with a sex education project. Therefore, doctors will record a series of awareness videos to be posted on social media.

Additionally, the episode will also focus on Zola’s fear of losing his mother to Alzheimer’s. Without a doubt, this will be a season full of emotions and twists!

Currently in its 19th season, Grey’s Anatomy is a medical series starring Ellen Pompeo. However, Ellen will only appear in 8 episodes of the season. Soon, fans of the series wonder how the development will be. Now, 5 new interns arrive at Grey-Sloan Hospital, one of them being Derek and Amelia’s nephew.


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