Green Power Ranger actor Jason David Frank dies aged 49

This Sunday (20), sad news took fans by surprise: Actor Jason David Frank, famous for playing the Green Ranger (and later the White Ranger) in Power Rangers, has passed away at the age of 49. So far, there has been no official information from the family, but their agent has confirmed to the Geek Ireland website what happened.

Also, his trainer, Mike Bronzoulis, posted a message of mourning on Facebook – for those who don’t know, Jason David Frank was also an MMA fighter. Check out:

As the actor’s passing has not yet been officially confirmed, there are also no details about the possible cause of his death.

Jason David Frank became famous for acting as the Green Power Ranger in the series Might Morphin Power Rangers, the first to come to the West. Later, the actor also lived the role of the White Ranger.

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In addition, Jason returned in other seasons of the series, as in Power Rangers: Zeo and Power Rangers: Turbo (Red Ranger), and Power Rangers: Dino Thunder (Black Ranger). In the movie reboot of power Rangers in 2017, the actor also had a special participation. In the 2010s, the actor devoted himself to his career in martial arts, participating in MMA fights and building a brand of sporting goods.

If there is any news, we will update this article.

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