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Green Lantern series will have Hal Jordan and John Stewart! know more

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After years of speculation, DC has finally confirmed that the Green Lantern series will get off the ground. The project is being headed by James Gunn in the “new age of DC”, and takes inspirations from great HBO series.

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lanterns (which can be translated to lanterns) will cast Hal Jordan and John Stewart, the most famous characters from the Green Lantern Corps in the comics, as two space rangers, who eventually discover a great and terrifying mystery that puts the Earth in danger.

Additional details were not released, nor was Gunn revealing any release window. However, the series is likely to make its debut on HBO Max starting in mid-2025, given that the Superman reboot and Batman Part II only hit theaters in the same year.

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True Detective Inspirations

James Gunn says that one of the great inspirations for the Green Lantern series is True Detective, one of the most famous investigation series ever made, and considered by many to be an HBO masterpiece. With such inspiration, it is likely that the new DC series will address more psychological aspects of the two protagonists, as well as a more horror-oriented threat.

Still, for those who expect heavier content, like Robert Pattinson’s Batman, Gunn’s words suggest that this will not be the case, as more obscure stories will have their own stamp called DC Elseword.

It is worth remembering that the new DC boss emphasized that DC’s new shared universe will connect movies, series and games. Soon, the public can expect that Hal Jordan and John Stewart will also give their faces in the company’s future films.

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