Green Lantern: HBO Series Revamped to Focus on John Stewart; Look!

The new series of Green Lanternproduced by HBO Max, will focus on John Stewart, a hero who gained popularity in the cartoon of the Justice League.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series was originally going to revolve around Green Lanterns Guy Gardner and Alan Scott, played by Finn Wittrock (American Horror Story) and Jeremy Irvine (Mama Mia!), respectively.

However, production changed direction. Series writer Seth Grahame-Smith left his role on the project after completing the scripts for the first season, which will have a total of eight episodes, as he disagreed with regime changes at HBO Max and Warner Bros. Discovery.


Green Lantern John Stewart in the Justice League cartoonSource: DC Comics

The decision to shift the focus of the characters and focus on the first black Green Lantern came shortly after the departure of DC Comics leader Walter Hamada.


The live-action series by Green Lantern has been in development since October 2019. Producer in charge of production Greg Berlanti said that this “promises to be the biggest DC series ever made”.

John Stewart, the new protagonist of the series already known among fans, first appeared in 1971.

DC Comics’ second dark hero is an architect and a veteran of the US Navy, chosen by the Guardians as Hal Jordan’s replacement after Guy Gardner was seriously injured in a disaster.


There is still no official release date for the series on HBO Max.

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