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Graphics cards prices are not going to come down soon

Graphics cards prices 2022

If you were hoping that 2022 would be more tender with the price of graphics cards, you risk experiencing a severe disappointment …

The latest report from the German site 3DCenter indicates that the trend towards high prices for these products is not about to change anytime soon, despite significantly better availability than a year ago.

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It was better before it got worse

In the summer of 2021, little hope had blossomed for cheaper graphics cards, although still very far from their MSRP. Unfortunately, that flash of light was very brief before the prices for these products soared again. To see more clearly, 3DCenter shared a chart drawing on data from major German resellers and focusing on the latest generation of NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.


EVGA RTX 3090 Ti KINGPIN: the new card will sell (large) power supplies

In addition to the unlikely spike the RTX 30XXs experienced in May 2021, with prices 204% higher than the MSRP, we note that the price of graphics cards was at its lowest for almost a year last summer. From September, prices took off again. We note today, respectively for NVIDIA and AMD, prices 89% and 85% above the MSRP.

All of this is taking place as the graphics card uptime curve is trending significantly more favorably compared to the same period last year. This observation is echoed in the fact that the shortage of chips should not experience an exit from the crisis until in the course of 2023, according to AMD.

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While waiting for a drop in the price of Ethereum and Intel Arc GPUs?

Another interesting point that can be drawn from the graph of 3DCenter : The price curve of graphics cards seems to follow the price of the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Despite manufacturers’ attempt to offer “anti-cryptomining” products, this does not appear to have deterred crypto miners.

Based on all these observations, it unfortunately appears that the trend towards higher prices for graphics cards will continue for a while. A change for the better is therefore unlikely to happen before at least the end of 2022.


Intel Arc Alchemist graphic card will compete with the RTX 3060 Ti and 3070 Ti in March

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Hoping that the Intel ARC graphics cards, also expected at the end of 2022 or in the course of 2023, will manage to kick in this anthill that has been far too comfortable for years.

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Source: 3DCenter

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