Goya 2024: who are the nominees to win the award for best supporting actor

A year ago, Luis Zahera He said that he had fulfilled his dream: Kill a Frenchman. It happened at the Goya gala, when the Galician picked up the award for best supporting actor for as beasts. On a night in which social demands alternate with the most moving memories, Zahera stated that, after perpetrating his long-awaited murder, he had nothing left to wish for and ended the speech with an affectionate mention of his victim, Denis Menochet: “Thank you for the madness.”

In the next ceremony, Zahera will not be among the contenders, but his partner in Live without permission and Intervías Jose Coronado. Stepping away from tough guy roles for a moment, Coronado played Close the eyes to the enigmatic actor Julio Arenas, which has earned him his fifth Goya nomination. Coronado won the award in 2012 thanks to There will not be peace for the evil ones and he was a candidate for the first time 24 years ago. On the contrary, none of his rivals had ever been nominated. We present them to you.

Jose Coronado in ‘Close your eyes’

Àlex Brendemühl, nominated for ‘Creatura’

Although he has been starring in series and films for three decades, this German-Spanish actor with a disturbing look, winner of the South Awards in Argentina and the Catalan Sant Jordi and Gaudí Awards, had never been nominated for a Goya until now. The role that will take him to Valladolid is due to Creatureone of the Spanish phenomena of the yeardirected, written and starring Elena Martín.

Creature It is available on Filmin.

Elena Martín and Álex Brendemühl in 'Creatura'
Elena Martín and Àlex Brendemühl in ‘Creatura’

Hugo Silva, nominated for ‘Un amor’

Hugo Silva had not attracted the attention of the Academy until now either. The recognition that the funny interpretation of him as a robber in The witches of Zugarramurdi has achieved it with One Lovein which he gives life to a character immersed in the disturbing and sordid atmosphere of that tiny town where he ends up Laia Costa. Although Hugo Silva is one of the most popular actors in our country since, in 2005, he was designated as one of Paco’s menso far he has only won a Feroz as a supporting actor in a series (The ministry of time).

One Love is currently in theaters.

Hugo Silva in 'One Love'
Hugo Silva in ‘One Love’

Juan Carlos Vellido, nominated for ‘Under therapy’

The film industries of the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, Argentina and, of course, Spain have had, at some point, this 55-year-old actor whom we have seen in the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean or in the series Iron. Director Gerardo Herrero, with whom he will release a new film this year, has led him to his first nomination for the comedy Under therapyin which it coincides with Malena Alterionominated in turn for best actress for let no one sleep.

Under therapy It is available on Movistar Plus+.

Juan Carlos Vellido in 'Under therapy'
Juan Carlos Vellido in ‘Under therapy’

Martxelo Rubio, nominated for ‘20,000 species of bees’

The category of best leading actor is the only interpretive one in which it does not appear. 20,000 species of bees. And only because she doesn’t have one. His representative in the best supporting actor award is Martxelo Rubiofather in the fiction of Sofía Otero and present, among others, in Yoyes, 27 hours either Far from the sea. This is the first film nomination that Rubio has received.

20,000 species of bees It is available on Movistar Plus+.

Martxelo Rubio in '20,000 species of bees'
Martxelo Rubio in ‘20,000 species of bees’

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