Goya 2024: who are the nominees to win the award for best leading actress

The 38th edition of the Goya Awards, the culmination of the awards season in Spain, is here. On February 10, 28 Goya awards will be awarded in a ceremony held in Valladolid and presented by Los Javis and Ana Belén, who It can be followed through TVE from 10:00 p.m.

The best leading actress category is one of the great unknowns of the night. In it, they meet five performers and three of them already know what it is to win a Goya. However, the great favorite had only been nominated once, and as best new actress. We tell you who they are.

Malena Alterio for ‘Let Nobody Sleep’

Nominated for the Goya for her first role in The stick, and then never again, Malena Alterio It leaves with many options of ending on February 10 with the bust of the Aragonese painter in safekeeping. His composition of a novice taxi driver who patrols the streets of Madrid in search of an old love has earned him a Feroz and a Forqué until now, in which she faced several of the Goya nominees (with the exception of López Arnáiz and Carolina Yuste, who were replaced by Blanca Portillo).

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Malena Alterio stars in ‘Let Nobody Sleep’, by Antonio Méndez Esparza.
Wanda Vision

Laia Costa for ‘One Love’

The last gala recognized the work of Laia Costa in five little wolves as the best among the leading actresses. It was the first nomination for an actress whom the 2017 BAFTAs designated as one of the breakout performers of her year (the award would end up being won by Tom Holland and Anya Taylor-Joy was among the nominees).

Months after writing her acceptance speech in case she wins the Goya, Laia Costa will have found herself writing another one, since her role in One Love (by Isabel Coixet) has placed her among the five candidates. However, her victory is not as likely as 2023.

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Laia Costa in 'One Love'
Laia Costa in ‘One Love’

Patricia López Arnáiz for ‘20,000 species of bees’

The Academy’s rules have prevented Sofia Oteroprotagonist of 20,000 species of beessneaked into this category or the one relating to best new actress (and, predictably, would win it) by being too young to qualify for a Goya. Who has been nominated is Lopez Arnaizfictional mother of Otero in 20,000 species of bees and who has already collected a Goya for best leading actress in 2021, for Anne.

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'20,000 species of bees' won two Forqué Awards
Patricia López Arnáiz and Sofía Otero in ‘20,000 species of bees’

María Vázquez for ‘Matria’

Vázquez, as the next nominee, She would be a first-timer if she ended up winning the Goya. The actress, who was already nominated in the supporting category in 2008 for Mataharis (Won by Amparo Baró), she was awarded best actress at the last Malaga Festival for her work as Ramona in Matriaa desperate woman suffocated by the wheels of job insecurity.

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Still from 'Matria'
María Vázquez in ‘Matria’

Carolina Yuste for ‘They Know That’

At 32 years old, Yuste’s is one of the most promising careers in national cinema. In 2019, she already won a Goya for best supporting actress for Carmen and Lola and, since then, we have seen her in movies like Chicks and wild sunflowers or in the series Tefía’s nights. They know thatin which she plays Conchita, Eugenio’s wife, has given her her second nomination for the main Spanish audiovisual awards.

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'They know that' tells Eugenio's story in an intimate way.
David Verdaguer and Carolina Yuste in ‘They know that’
Warner Bros.

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