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Google Wallet would return as a new application to manage payments

Google would be working on the return of Wallet, the payment management application that disappeared in 2018 when it merged with Android Pay to start GooglePay.


Well, this tool could soon return to the ring. At least that is inferred from the information released by the former editor-in-chief of XDA DevelopersMishaal Rahman.

The specialist shared a screenshot of what will be the new Wallet icon. This information, which was collected by the specialized site 9to5Google shows what the interface of this service would look like.


As detailed in the information released, the interface is named after Wallet, and in it users can add both debit and credit cards such as checks, gift cards, loyalty cards or tickets for public transport.

In line with this redesign, Rahman has recalled in this Twitter thread that Google’s president of Commerce, Bill Ready, reported in January that Google Pay would focus more “on being a comprehensive digital wallet” and that it would include “digital tickets, passes of airlines and passports for vaccines”.


This new version of the payment application will be connected to the users’ Gmail account, and its new icon will maintain the company’s characteristic colors: red, yellow, green and blue.

The system would offer the same features of the classic Google Pay experience integrated into Play Services. The top of the Google Wallet app also has a dedicated place to display the default Google Pay contactless payment card.

The page also features a floating button called “Add to Wallet”, which makes it easy to register a new card. card, membership, gift card or account.


It should be remembered that in 2011, Google created Wallet to run as a contactless payment app using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.. Wallet also functioned as a digital storage space to store the cards.

In 2018, the company combined Google Wallet with another payment system, Android Pay, to create a hybrid of both, which would be Google Pay.. In fact, this system is the one currently used to manage digital wallets and make payments in applications and websites.

However, in some countries like the US, Singapore, and India, there is a different app, called GPay, which integrates a number of features, offers, and peer-to-peer payments.

The downside of GPay is that it can only be installed on one device at a time, unlike the previous Google Pay app; and to have contactless payments feature on more than one device, the second device must use the above app.

Manzanameanwhile, also expanded your recent save options in your Wallet: Users of devices with the iOS operating system can now save documents such as the Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

At the same time, it began to integrate iOS 15.4 personal IDs and driver’s licenses in the United States recently. Specifically, this option is available in the state of Arizona, although it will soon come to others such as Connecticut, Oklahoma and Utah.


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