Google: Users will be able to choose to see fewer ads about weight loss and other “sensitive” categories

Google: Users will be able to choose to see fewer ads about weight loss and other "sensitive" categories

Google will add more options to limit the amount of advertisements seen in relation to some categories such as weight loss, dating, pregnancy and parenting.

The function that had originally landed on YouTube to reduce the display of advertising linked to gambling and alcoholic beverages, will now expand and incorporate the aforementioned categories, within the ads that can be considered potentially annoying or harmful.

In addition, this tool will not only apply to YouTube ads but to the entire network linked to the user’s Google account.

How to use this option

You have to enter the Google account go to Data and Privacy and then click on Ad Settings. If not, you can directly click on this link to enter directly to that section. Once there scroll to the box that says “Sensitive ad categories.”

There you will find the different options mentioned previously: alcoholic beverages, dating, weight loss, pregnancy and parenting. Next to each tag is an option that says “see less”. That is the button that must be pressed to restrict the display of advertising linked to those themes.

“If you don’t want to see ads in these categories, let us know. We’ll do our best to limit these ads when you’re signed in to your Google account on YouTube. However, you may see ads from these categories when you search for or view related content.”, it is clarified in said section.

In this sense, the possibility is offered as an example that even if you have chosen to see less advertising related to alcohol, it is possible that you will continue to see an advertisement for an airline in which a person appears drinking a copy of champagne.

The same goes for other related advertisements where gambling or any other theme that has been chosen to limit but is present, in a secondary way, in other types of advertisements may appear.

This action seeks to give users more control over the advertising they see or stop seeing from their profiles. It should be noted that there are other ad personalization tools that have been in force for a long time in the mentioned section.

Ads are based on personal information added to your Google account, data from advertisers associated with the company, and user interests determined by the search engine.

In the account profile, within the previously mentioned section, you can also see a series of criteria surveyed such as age, tastes for pets, type of employment, etc. The user can from there select which elements they want to have and which not. To make that customization you have to follow these steps:

1. Sign in to the Google account.

2. In the navigation panel, select Data and privacygo to “Things you have done and places you have visited”.

3. Under “Ad Settings”, select Personalization of ads.

4. If the Ad Personalization option is disabled, then you need to enable it to make the following settings.

5. Within the section entitled “How your ads are personalized”, select personal information or interests.

6. To update the information, select To update and then follow the steps on the screen.

7. To disable an interest, select Deactivate and confirm the action.

8. In case you want to recover a deactivated interest then you have to select Disabled Factors. Then you have to choose an interest and select Reactivate.

9. Finally, if you do not want to see personalized ads, disable the option Personalization of ads.