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Google TV could gain Wear OS integration and new smart home products by 2024

Google TV could gain Wear OS integration and new smart home products by 2024

Google may be working on big news for Google TV, its operating system for Android Smart TVs. According to a report published by the protocol on monday (08), representatives of big tech met to discuss the platform integration with more products in its ecosystem.

The result of this expansion of possibilities with Google TV would include support for Nest Audio, the search giant’s smart speaker; as well as integration with Wear OS smart bracelets and watches. According to the website, the addition of these features should take place — in the most optimistic scenario — in 2023.

(Image: Reproduction)

It is possible that the integration of Google TV with Wear OS consists of bringing content fitness to the user — such as dance classes — over the TV so that the user can perform physical activities in the living roomwhile the smartwatch tracks health data and displays it on the big screen simultaneously, just like in the Apple and Samsung ecosystem.

Fitbit, a company acquired by Google in 2021, would play an important role in this integration, since its entire catalog of smart bracelets has Wear OS and could even gain exclusive company features. Furthermore, the Pixel Watch is expected to launch in mid-October 2022.

Google may also be working to further integrate the TV with smart home products. It is currently possible to control lamps, speakers and other accessories through the Google Assistant, but there is still room for improvement, such as viewing security cameras without interrupting a movie.

Leaked image shows that Google planned to include security camera viewing without interrupting movies on Chromecast with Google TV (Image: Reproduction / XDA Developers)

The US giant has yet to confirm that it is working on such features for its ecosystem, but as suggested by the image above, all the planning dates back to mid-2020, just before the launch of Chromecast with Google TV. It looks like the development of these features is finally back on the table.

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(Updated on August 9, 2022 at 9:34 pm)
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