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Google rolls out the Material You Redesign in beta version: These apps get “Material You”

Material You Redesign, Google Material You Redesign beta

Android 12 is just around the corner and Android apps like Gmail and Google Drive are already benefiting from it. They belong to several applications for which Google is already rolling out the new “Material You” redesign.

  • Google Announces Material You Redesign for Workspace Apps
  • New design for Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Calendar, and Google Documents, Sheets and Slides
  • Rollout takes place over 14 days

Google is slowly entering the very hot phase: We expect the new Google Pixel 6 series in the near future and Android 12 is nearing the final version. Read our article “Android 12 in the public beta: The most important innovations in the mobile phone OS”. In addition to new functions, Android 12 also has a completely new design: “Material Design” is followed by “Material You” and we can already see this on several workspace apps for Android


Google rolls out the Material You redesign in beta version: These apps get “Material You”

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“Material You” redesign: 5 in one go

The Californians announce on their workspace blog that five workspace apps will be updated for Android. Visually, the following apps will be lifted to the “Material You” level within the next two weeks:

  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Google Meet
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Google promises us an “updated, fresh look and feels” for this app and additional options for personalization. We can recognize this, for example, from the navigation bars and the Google Sans font, which promises better legibility. The changes are documented very clearly with the following screenshots. You can see the previous “Material Design” on the left, next to it the normal “Material You” and on the right “Material You” in one of the dynamic colors.

Material You Gmail
Google shows us how Gmail presents itself in the new “Material You” guise / © Google
Material You Google Calendar
You can also see that the floating buttons have all been changed / © Google
Material You Google Drive
This is what the refreshed Google Drive looks like / © Google
Material You Docs Sheets Slides
Here you can see the presentations, documents and tables in the “dynamic color” / © Google
Material You Google Meet
… and finally, we take a look at Google Meet / © Google

The rollout of the workspace apps is expressly aimed not only at users: inside this work suite from Google, but also at all private individuals who use the respective apps on Android. The company speaks of an “extended rollout” that could possibly take more than two weeks.

You can see the changes

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  • Version 2021.08.24 on Gmail
  • Version 2021.09.19 on Google Meet (from September 19)
  • Version 2.21.330 on Google Drive (from September 9th)
  • Version 1.21.342 for documents, tables, and presentations
  • Version 2021.37 for Google Calendar (from September 20th)

Do you want to dress your Android smartphone in the look of Android 12? Then our Camilla has detailed instructions for you with icon packs, launchers, and other options.


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