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Google Revolutionizes Workspace: Smart Summaries in Docs, Automatic Transcripts in Meet, and More

Google announced, within the framework of its annual I/O event, news for Workspaceyour workspace that integrates different tools such as Gmail, Meet and Drive among other services.


They are all tools that focus on generating options to work collaboratively, something that is essential in a context where the remote work either hybrid is trend.

“As hybrid working evolves, we will continue to infuse intelligent capabilities into Google Workspace, the apps familiar to billions of users, to make it easier for employees to focus on their top priorities, fully engage and collaborate from anywhere.” Google explained.


Smart summaries:

The company recently introduced the automatic summaries feature in Google Docs, which is based on natural language processing technology. Based on this same innovation, the arrival of integrated summaries in google spaces, which will offer the user a text with the most important of the conversations that occurred in that context.


automatic transcription

automatic transcription of meetings for Google Meet pIt allows those who did not attend a meeting to stay informed, or for attendees to easily reference the discussion at a later time. This tool will be available later this year.

Automatic improvements in the quality of videos and audio


When making video calls, it is important to be in a space with good light so that the person who is offering the talk can be seen well.

However, it is not always possible to have a place where these conditions exist. That is why technology is used to solve this situation: the company announced the arrival of a feature that uses Google AI to help improve this aspect.

But not only that, the AI ​​will also be able to optimize communication to compensate for the use of poor quality webcams or when there are network connectivity problems. This processing happens automatically in the cloud to improve video quality without affecting device performance.

On the other hand, the reverberation of echoes in spaces with hard surfaces will be automatically removed. In this way the user can enjoy conference room audio quality, whether they are in a basement, a kitchen or a large empty room.

Share live on Google Meet

Users will be able to share controls and interact directly within the meeting, whether it’s watching a video on YouTube or sharing a playlist. Developers will be able to use Google’s APIs for live sharing while also having the option to integrate Meet into their apps.


It was highlighted that Google Workspace is designed with a zero trust approach and comes with enterprise-grade access management, data protection, encryption and endpoint protections integrated.

“We keep more people safe online than anyone else in the world, and Gmail blocks more than 99.9% of spam and phishing messages from reaching users’ inboxes,” Google said in its presentation.

The intelligent system learns from every attempted attack against the billions of users who use the service. This information makes it possible to anticipate and thwart new attacks. by identifying emerging patterns and entry points.

The rise of remote collaboration across multiple locations has led to a trend toward new attack patterns within shared documents. That’s why Gmail’s phishing and malware protections will be upgraded to Google Slides, Docs and Sheets later this year.

If a document, sheet, or slide you’re about to access contains phishing or malware links, you’ll be automatically alerted and guided back to safety.


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