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Google removes language barrier for online news and forums

Google removes language barrier for online news and forums
Google will seek to spread content from other countries and languages ​​in English, although the new features could expand its use in the future. (photo: Google)

On many occasions, the idiom is an impediment to access information specific about an important event that occurs in other countries. However, in a blog post on The Keyword, the tech company, Googleannounced that the service of his seeker will present improvements in search of increasing the Benefits For the users.

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The company indicated that these improvements include the inclusion of new features who are looking for the readers not only can they stay informed about what is happening in a country with a different languagebut also encourage participation in discussions in online forums.

Automatic translation of news

While automatic website translation is a feature that is already available in the Google search enginethe enhancement to be added will be the ability for this feature to include and prioritize local news websites from other countries where they are covering a major event.

According to the company, this will serve to find more sources of information international in the local language of people who are looking for information in Search.

The new news translation feature will serve to find more sources of international information in people's local language.  (REUTERS/Andrew Kelly/File Photo)
The new news translation feature will serve to find more sources of international information in people’s local language. (REUTERS/Andrew Kelly/File Photo)

The announcement ensures that this feature will be available to users early 2023 and “will connect readers looking for international news with local websites in other languages, giving them access to more comprehensive coverage.”

At the moment, Google’s new feature is planned to include news results and translate them from French, German and Spanish to English for mobile devices Y computers, be it laptops or desktops, who use that language as a native.

Dissemination of discussion topics in forums

In addition to automatic translation, Google will include a new function that will make visible the discussions and debates that are generated in forums regarding certain topics “from which you can learn based on diverse experiences”.

Search’s new feature, called “Discussions and Forums,” will have the ability to include content from popular forums on the internet, like Redditso that users can participate in the discussions that are generated or use the contributions that are expressed in them.

Discussions and forums in Google Search (Google)
Discussions and forums in Google Search (Google)

According to Googlewhen a person searches for information on a given topic, the results of Search will include, in addition to specialized websites, a section where you can see the opinions of people, who include tips and experiences on the subject.

This new feature will be limited and will only include users of USA that use their devices with English as their native language. However, the statement indicates that if it is considered useful over time, it could expand its availability to more users.

Improvements in Google Maps

As part of its novelties, Google also included maps within the list of services that will be improved to benefit users and their needs.

during your event Search ONthe company introduced new features to Google Maps that will allow users to perform place searches in a much more useful way and that can provide more information about them to users.

Neighborhood atmosphere on Google Maps (Google)
Neighborhood atmosphere on Google Maps (Google)

In the case, for example, of monuments and tourist sites, Google Maps will have the opportunity to introduce the ‘neighborhood atmosphere’, a new feature that includes information sent by other users about the most interesting points within a specific area of ​​a city and what a Artificial Intelligence (AI) It will be in charge of valuing and highlighting in the form of nodes within the map on the devices.

This feature will be of great help to people who are entering an unfamiliar area or who want to know more about the environment they will be in during a trip.

According to Googlethis feature may be tested on devices iOS Y Android in the coming months.


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