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Google removes Chinese app with malware

Google removes Chinese app with malware
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Google announced on Tuesday the suspension of the Chinese application Pinduoduo after finding malware in some versions.

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According to a spokesperson for the search engine, Pinduoduo has been removed from the Google Play Store “for security reasons”

The Google Play Protect application has been set to block installation attempts of these identified malicious apps. Users who have malicious versions of the app downloaded to their devices are warned and asked to uninstall it.

Google, in a statement

As CNN reported, Pinduoduo was informed about the temporary removal of the app this Tuesday morning. The search giant claimed that the application “did not comply with Google’s policy”.

A spokesman for the Chinese app said the company would be contacting Google for more information. He reported that other apps were also suspended from the Play Store.

Pinduoduo is an e-commerce application created in 2015 and currently has around 900 million users.

Problems with Chinese apps

Google has yet to provide details on the removal of the apps, but the move is likely related to concerns about data leaks in Beijing.

In recent weeks, the government of US President Joe Biden has pressured ByteDance to carry out the sale of TikTok so that the social network continues to operate in the country.

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has revealed that it is investigating the social network for having spied on journalists.

According to Sensor Tower, the app had been downloaded 24 million times since its launch in September, with more than 11 million monthly active users.

Temu was not mentioned in Google’s statement. The app is still accessible for download on Google Play.

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